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XANTARA and the Weeping Wilow Tree- Chapter 2

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on October 5, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 2

Xantara meets Sinbad


Xantara was in the living room cleaning, and she heard some one knocking on the door. Xantara opened the door, it was a young man. “I am looking for a job, as a gardener, or a handyman.” The young man said. “I am looking for jobs to feed myself and be able to pay my furnished room Ma’m.”

“Actually, I do need someone to take care of my garden and need some repairs done.” Xantara said. “But I cannot pay you much since I am new here and just started working.”

“I will accept anything you can afford to pay me “The young man said.

“Well, there is a small shack in the back.” Xantara said. “You can fix it, and live there rent free. That will be part of your salary.”

“That will be fine Ma’m.” The young man said. “I will be here early in the morning.”

“I will need to know your name young Mr.” Xantara said.

“My name is Sinbad.” The young man replied. “Bye”

The following morning Sinbad arrived early, Xantara showed him where the

shack was. Sinbad fixed the shack. Xantara bought some furniture for the shack.

“Sinbad, will you go to the hardware store and get me some materials I need for the bathroom?” Xantara asked. “I left the list on the kitchen counter for you to read and see if there is anything else that is need.”

Sinbad looked at Xantara and said with a shy voice. “Ma’m, I can’t read. My momma never let me go to school. My papa left her when I was a little boy and she never let me go nowhere. Momma got sick, died and I had to care for myself.”

Xantara sent Sinbad to school, where he learned to read and write. He became an architect and found employment in a big Corporation. Xantara and Sinbad fell in love, got married, and they had six beautiful children, three boys and three girls.

Everything was going good until one day; a woman appeared with a man, and a Police Officer. Xantara thought that something bad had happened to one of her children in school. To her surprise, the woman informed Xantara, that her father had died and, that she was the real owner of the house.

“It can’t be!” Xantara said. When I inquired at the Town all, I was told that the owner of the house died and had no heirs. I paid for the back taxes and they gave me the deed to the house.”

“My father forgot that he had a daughter, I did not know that he had died until recently.” The woman said. “The man with me is my lawyer; he can give you more details. I want my house empty by tomorrow morning.”

“I am not leaving this house.” Xantara said. “I am going to Town Hall to investigate all about this.”

“Madam, you have to leave today.” The woman said. “I have legal papers that say, that this is my house and if you do not leave, the Officer will force you to leave.”

“But I can’t leave now!” Xantara exclaimed. “I have nowhere to go and my children will be on the street. Give me a chance to find out, there has to be a mistake

somewhere. Give me time to get a place for my kids.”

The Police Officer approached Xantara and said. “Madam you have to leave now or I will force you to leave. I am sorry.”

Xantara took her clothes and her children’s clothes, she took whatever she could put it in the car, went to Town Hall, and was informed that all was true according to the woman’s legal papers.

Xantara then went to school to pick her children up. When she called Sinbad, he said he was not going with her. ”I do not want to live with you any more. I am going to live in the house with the woman who owns what used to be our house. I don’t love you any more.”

Xantara could not believe what was happening to her. That night Xantara and her children slept in a hotel. When the children asked about their dad, Xantara told them he was on a long vacation, and she also told them they had to move because the house had bugs.

Xantara found an apartment and when she went to get money for the rent and deposit, she found that her bank account was empty and her credit cards had been transferred in her husbands name only. The hotel manager felt sorry for her and let her stay at the hotel until she got paid. Xantara took her children to school then left them in  the lobby at her office until she got out of work.

Xantara then found another apartment and moved in with her children. One morning her boss informed Xantara, that people were complaining about her leaving her children in the lobby and told her she was suspended from work until she found a solution.

Xantara could not find a baby sitter for six young kids, and had no money. Finally Xantara had to sell her car to be able to feed her children. Xantara began to do odd jobs like cleaning, taking care of old people, walking dogs, delivered newspapers to earn money. This was the only way that she was able earn money while her kids went to school.

Xantara taught her children to be good and had always found a way to give them what they needed. She left her career and all for her children. One by one Xantara’s children graduated from college and they either got married or left to live on their own.


What happens to Xantara next? Stay tuned for Chapter 3 coming soon!




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Reply Sherry/Coco
9:47 AM on October 6, 2013 
Wow! Nothing like rags to riches and back to rags huh?? Pffft on Sinbad!