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RIVER PART II-Chapter 16-The Wedding part I

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on December 28, 2012 at 2:10 PM


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 16

The Wedding part-I

Everyone continued to look for the children, and could not find them. Finally everyone went back to the house.

“Where could those children be?” Andric said. “Who could have taken them and why?”

“My baby, where is my baby?” Cachita cried. “This cannot be happening, Pamela where could our babies be? Rosina was near the tree moments before Santa Claus left, maybe she hid in Santa’s sleigh and he doesn’t know.”

“You are forgetting one thing.” Yamarah said. “It can’t be, Santa Claus would have found her by now and let us know. Furthermore Baby Paulie Tanner cannot walk.”

“Let’s go look again.” Drone said, “Maybe the kidnapper is hiding and waiting for us to stop looking so he can get out of the property with the children.”

The men went back outside to look around again. They searched the stables, the garages, the orchards, around the trees, the garden, around the pond, around the pool area, and inside the house. They even looked outside the property, but no one could be found.

“Strange that I have not seen Brutus.” Drone said. ‘I looked around and couldn’t see him either.”

The men walked back inside and when Pamela and Cachita did not see them with the children they began to cry. Jon put his arms around Pamela and said. “ Don’t give up hope my dear, we will find them.”

Paulie hugged Cachita and said. “Jon is right we will find our children.”

“Why is Mommy and Auntie Cachita crying.” Rosina said.

Everyone turned around and saw Rosina standing in front of the living room door.

Jon ran to hug his little girl, picked her up and asked. “Rosina, where have you been? We have been looking for your for hours.”

Pamela ran to hug her little girl. “Mommy why are you crying?” Rosina asked. “I was outside with the baby in the little crib.”

“Is it the Baby Jesus in the crib?” Drone asked.

“ No. it’s the real baby.“ Rosina replied. “I put my baby doll in one of the little crib that was in the room while Santa was here, then took the real baby to the little box outside and put the baby Jesus doll on the hay. I put the blanket over the real baby and he fell asleep. Brutus is taking care of him right now.”

Everyone ran to the Christmas manger and Paulie Tanner was sleeping peacefully in the Nativity crib. Brutus was laying beside the crib, protecting the baby. It was a beautiful sight to be seen.

Cachita was overwhelmed and glad to see that her baby was safe, and gently picked him up and hugged him. “I thank God the my baby is safe.” Cachita said.

Everyone went back inside the house and Drone said. “I was wondering about Brutus. I knew that Brutus would let no stranger in the house.”

“How and why did you carry the baby outside?” Pamela asked.

“The baby doll is heavier than the real baby.” Rosina said. “I wanted to see how a real baby would look in the little crib. I took the baby Jesus doll put it on the hay under the crib and put the real baby in his place. Then I sat down to watch him and fell asleep on Brutus. When I woke up, I saw the baby still sleeping and didn’t want to wake him up so I told Brutus to watch him, and came here. I was going to go back to get him.’

“Don’t you ever do that again young lady.” Jon said. “We were scared and went out looking for you, we thought someone had taken you and the baby away. Do not ever go out by yourself or pick up the babies.”

“I’m sorry Daddy.” Rosina cried. “ I didn’t mean to scare you. I won’t do it again. Can I still play with my baby doll?”

“Yes you can play with your baby doll.” Jon said. “I’m so sorry Paulie and Cachita, we have had such a scaring ordeal.”

“Don’t worry Jon.” Cachita said. “Our children are safe and that’s the important thing. Rosina didn’t mean to scare us, she’s a baby herself.”

“Let us all continue to celebrate. Yamarah said. “This has been a Christmas Miracle. There are a lot of gifts under the Christmas tree to be unwrapped.

The gifts were unwrapped, everyone celebrated then went home to prepare for the Christmas wedding.

The following day Yurania Ylang got up excited, knowing that this was her wedding day.. Yurania Ylang’s mother helped her daughter get dressed, something borrowed was the wedding dress that Yurania Ylang’s mother had saved for her first daughter’s wedding. The gown was simple but elegant, it was made of white organza, it had red delicate sequins embroidered around the strapless top, on the front bodice, and around the bottom edge of the skirt. On top of her head, Yurania Ylang wore a tiara with red and white diamond crystal jewels, draped with a white floral appliqué and sequin embroidered, tulle cathedral veil.

There was a knock on the door. “Come in.” Yurania Ylang said.

It was Yamarah. “You look beautiful.” Yamarah said. “I came to bring you something old.” Yamarah had a blue jewel box in her hand, opened it , and took out a necklace and a pair of earring that matched Yurania Ylang’s dress. “I have had these in my possession since my wedding.” Yamarah said. “I did not put them on because Drone had bought me a set he wanted me to wear. I saved them for my future daughter-in-law, to wear at her wedding. I also bought you a small present, here open it!”

Yurania Ylang opened the small box and in it was a beautiful white silk handkerchief with lace around it.. “It’s beautiful, thank you.” Yurania Ylang said. “OK. I have something old, something new, something borrowed, and my blue garter is something blue.

The bouquet is a Silk Bridal Cascade Bouquet with two big white poinsettias, two big red poinsettias, two small white and two small red poinsettias, they are accented by green hydrangea, golden leaves, pine boughs with mini-pinecones, and a delicate beaded garland . Fluffy loops of red satin ribbon accent the bouquet and adorn the white satin hand-wrapped stems.

The bridesmaids were waiting downstairs in the living room, wearing long red chiffon dresses with a white sash around the waist and a big bow on the back. A White and red glittered poinsettia adorned the side of their heads. The bridesmaids carried two Red and white poinsettias adorned with a silk red ribbon, and mini-pinecones delicately cascading down. Cachita the Matron of honor. wore a long Red chiffon dress with white pearls embedded around the V-neckline and down the front on each side. A red glittered poinsettia adorned the side of Cachita’s head, as she carried a bouquet made of four red and white poinsettias adorned with a silk white ribbons, small mini-pinecones, and rhinestones. Rosina the flower girl carries a delicate white basket adorned with red silk ribbons and Christmas flowers. Dark red rose petals are in the basket. Rosina wore a Soft red fabric lined in plush red satin bodice, a layered chiffon skirt also lined in satin, a red ribbon around the waist, and red fluffy feathers adorned her head.

The bridegrooms wore a black tuxedo with a red sash on their waist and a small red poinsettia boutonniere. The best man Paulie, wore a black tuxedo with a white sash, and a white poinsettia boutonniere.

River was waiting for his bride at the cathedral, he wore a white tuxedo with a red sash and a red and white poinsettia boutonniere. Paulie was accompanying River.

“My dear friend, today you finally marry the love of your life.” Paulie said.

“Yes my dear friend.” River said. “The beginning of a new life for me. I must admit that I am a bit nervous, but never the less happy.”

The doors to the cathedral opened, the guests and families were escorted to their seats. and the wedding procession began. Jon and Yamarah escorted River to the altar, then sat down to accompany their spouses Pamela and Drone, the bridesmaids followed accompanied by their bridegrooms, following were, the Matron of Honor Cachita, the ring bearer, and the flower girl Rosina who was enjoying throwing the flower buds. The Bridal wedding march began, and everyone stood up. The bride, Yurania Ylang began walking, accompanied by her, mother and father. Yurania Ylang was overwhelmed and felt as if she was walking on air.

Finally reaching the altar, River approached his bride to be. Yurania Ylang’s father moved the veil away from the bride’s face, kissed her on her forehead, handed her to the groom, then sat down together with his wife. River and Yurania Ylang walked toward the priest and kneeled down on the kneeler in front of the priest to honor God. The priest then commenced the ceremony. Yamarah was very proud of her son, she was glad that after all that River had gone through, he finally found happiness.

Stay tuned for Chapter 17 for the conclusion of River and Yurania Ylang’s wedding.




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Reply Sherry/Coco
9:33 AM on December 29, 2012 
Aha! lol, I just knew the babies were with Rosina, didn't know where but I was sure they were all together. :) And I have to say, the poinsettias and pine cones sound just perfect for a Christmas wedding, beautiful!!