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Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on December 20, 2012 at 4:20 PM


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 15

Santa Clause arrives

Cachita and Paulie finally decided to name their twins, Paulie Tanner and Andrica Deidre. Everyone was happy with the names.

Christmas was approaching and so was River and Ylang’s wedding. The big house was beautifully decorated. There was a giant Christmas tree in the front with a big replica of the Manger where Jesus was born, inside were statues of the Holy Family and the three kings. The animal figures were placed near the manger and a big Star adorned the top of the manger. Christmas light were blinking around the house and property. There was a sleigh with Santa and the reindeers, Frosty the snowman, and the frozen pond with skaters and Carolers. Christmas Eve everyone got together at the big house for the wedding rehearsal then the Pre-Wedding dinner.

Jon and Pamela’s daughter Rosina is 2 years old and is a big girl who enjoys walking around the house. Cachita did not want to leave the twins upstairs and asked the Nanny to take the babies to the study where they could be near her. One of the butlers carried the bassinets to the study, the Nanny put the babies in them, and sat down to watch them.

The bride and groom to-be, the bridal party, the parents and the minister went into the ballroom in the house, and practiced the ceremony. Rosina is the flower girl, and loves throwing flowers on the floor. River and Yurania Ylang have their wedding vows ready, but want to wait for the real ceremony. The Wedding ceremony will take place at the Cathedral in the City. The reception is going to be in the ball room at the big house. After the rehearsal everyone returned to the house. Dinner was served, everyone sat down and enjoyed themselves.

“Tomorrow my son will be a married man.” Yamarah said. “Years ago, I would have never imagined that my little blind boy would regain his eyesight and become a Doctor. I am very proud of you River. I am glad that you found your soul mate and a wonderful woman. Yurania Ylang, I welcome you and your family to our family. Thank you, everyone that has contributed to this wonderful night. I want to especially thank you, my wonderful husband Drone for saving my son’s life in the mountains, helping my son get his eyesight back, getting his education, and everything that you have done for us. I also want to thank Ian for risking his life and leaving his family to rescue us. Let us lift up our cups and make a toast to family love.”

“ Everyone lifted their cups and said. “Salud hear, hear!”

Drone then got up and said. “I too will toast to the most amazing woman that I have ever known, my wife Yamarah. I fell in love with her the first time that I saw her, waited patiently until the day that I proposed to her and she accepted. Everything that I have done is for love, for I love River like he was my biological son, and I thank Ian for sharing his son with me. I salute you Yamarah my beautiful wife.”

Again everyone lifted their cups and said. “Hear, hear! “

“Now let us go to the living room and continue celebrating.” Drone continued saying. “Tonight is also Christmas Eve, and I want to give out the presents before the bride and bridegroom-to-be leave tomorrow to their honeymoon.”

Everyone went to the living room and began to sing Christmas Carols, drank Eggnog, and apple cider. Everyone was having wonderful time, the clock started to chime it was midnight. Sleigh bells started to ring outside, and they all ran outside. It was snowing, and there was an empty sleigh with Rudolph and the other reindeers. Santa Claus went down the chimney and was in the living room shouting “HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas. Where are the children? I heard that there were children here this year.” Rosina had seen Santa Claus get out of the chimney and said. “Are you really Santa Claus?”

“Yes little one, and I have a present for you.” Santa said giving Rosina a big gift


Rosina unwrapped the gift, opened the box and it was a big baby doll. “Mommy, Daddy look.” Rosina said with a big smile. “I have a big baby.”

“That baby is as big as the twins. Ha, ha, ha..’ Jon said. “ Do you think that you can carry it?”

“Oh yes I can.” Rosina answered. “I can even give her the bottle.”

“Here are gifts for the twins.” Santa said. “I have to go now. But I am using the door this time.” Santa walked outside, got on the sleigh waved good-by and shouted. “HO! HO! HO!” Merry Christmas.”

Cachita and Paaulie went to the study to get the twins, Cachita picked up Andrica, but when Paulie went to pick up Paulie Tanner, he was not in the bassinette.

“Maybe the Nanny has him.” Cachita said.

The Nanny had ran out to see Santa Claus, and when she returned to the study Paulie did not see the baby in her arms and asked, “Where is my son?”

The Nanny was surprised, and replied. “I left him in the bassinette. I went out for a moment to watch Santa Claus. I thought that he would be safe here.”

“Where is my baby?” Cachita asked.

“Let’s not panic!” Paulie said. “Maybe the baby was crying and one of the adults took him.”

Paulie and Cachita walked out to the living room. “Did any of you take our son out of his bassinette?” Paulie asked. “We did not find him there.”

Everyone looked at each other , bewildered. “Where can the child be?” Andric asked. “Let’s look at the upstairs rooms.”

“My baby has been kidnapped!” Cachita cried. “Who would want to kidnap my baby?’

“Call the police!” Yurania Ylang said.

“Let’s not panic.” Drone said. “The kidnapper could not have gone far, Brutus is in the area. I brought Brutus with me so he too could enjoy the festivities. I am sure Brutus would not let strangers come into the property. I will have the staff look around the house, we can all spread outside and look around. The women stay here until we come back.”

“My baby, who kidnapped my baby?” Cachita cried.

Pamela looked around and did not see Rosina. “Jon is Rosina with you?” Pamela asked.

“No she is not.” Jon replied. “She must be around the house playing with her doll. Let me go find her.”

Jon went to look for Rosina, but could not find her. Pamela began to worry., and cried. “Oh my God! Where is my little girl. Has anyone seen Rosina?

Jon began to call Rosina and told everyone else that she too had disappeared. One of the maids walked into the room, she was carrying Rosina’s Baby doll, and scared said “I found this on the baby boy’s bassinette.”

“My little girl too has been kidnapped.” Cried Pamela frantically. “What is going on? It’s Christmas, why would anyone kidnap our children.”

Everyone except Cachita, who held her baby girl in her arms, Pamela’s mother and Paulie’s mother went to search for the missing children. The police were called, no one could find the children.

“Don’t worry they will be found.” Yurania Ylang said. “I too am going to look for them.” Yurania Ylang walked outside to look for the children.

“What if someone took them away?” Cachita cried. “I am so scared that I will never see my baby boy again.”

“Cachita don’t talk like that.” Pamela said. “I can’t bear to lose my little girl. Oh Mother where are they?”

Pamela’s mother hugged her daughter and said. “Don’t worry my daughter the children will be found, have faith.”

Emma Hugged Cachita and said. “Jon and the men will find them, don’t give up hope.”

Drone couldn’t understand how the children disappeared. “I know that Brutus would not let strangers get in the property.” Drone said. “Where can they be and who would kidnap them unless it is someone we know, but who and why?”

The police arrived and Paulie gave them the information. “Do you have pictures of the little girl and the infant?” One of the officers asked. “ I hate to say this, but in order for us look for them, they have to be missing for 24 hours.”

“What?’ Cachita and Pamela both screamed.

“I’m sorry ladies, I know it sound and is cruel, but it’s the law.”

“It’s alright officer I understand the dumb law.” Drone said. “I have my men and my own search party. We will find them and the kidnapper.”

The officers reluctantly left. “Let’s continue to look for the Children.” Drone said.

What happened to the children, were they kidnapped? Will this be a sad Christmas? Will there be a wedding? Stay tune for Chapter 16.




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Reply Sherry/Coco
9:29 AM on December 21, 2012 
I have my own guess as to where the little ones are but will keep it under my hat until the next installment . It is SO good to see you back here writing, Twinkie!!