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RIVER PART II-Chapter 14-Cachita gives birth

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on August 25, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (1)


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 14

Cachita gives birth


Cachita was afraid to move. “Hurry, call an ambulance.” Paulie said. Paulie carried Cachita and put her on the sofa. “OK, now what do we do? “ Paulie said. “Umm hold on Cachita wait for the ambulance, let’s get going? Hold the baby in Cachita!” Paulie was running back and forth acting like a maniac.

“What do you mean hold the baby in Paulie?” Cachita asked. “Owww, will someone do something? Paulie you are not making any sense. Take it easy.”

“I already called the Ambulance River said.” Just relax, breathe. Everything is going to be OK.’

“Ohhh, owww! How do I relax?” Cachita screamed. “These pains are bad. There are two doctors here and no one does anything. “Will one of you check me out! I feel the baby coming out!”

“I am an eye Doctor River said. “ I do not deliver babies.”

“Me too!” Yurania Ylang said.

“I know that they taught you both how to deliver babies when you started your training.” Cachita said. “One of you or someone had better help me!”

“Carry Cachita to her room. Yurania Ylang said. I will take care of her.”

Paulie’s mother said. “I will help you; I am a midwife, in the excitement I forgot to mention it.”

Paulie carried Cachita to her room, and when Yurania Ylang and Paulie’s mother looked, the baby’s head was out. Paulie’s mother delivered the baby. It was a baby boy. Everyone was happy! The ambulance arrived at that moment and when they went to pick Cachita up to take her to the hospital, Cachita cried. “O h my God I have more pain. Something is wrong I feel like pushing and some thing is coming out!”

One of the Paramedics examined Cachita and said. “There’s a baby’s head you are having another baby! The paramedic delivered the second baby, it was a girl.

“What!” Cachita exclaimed. “The doctor never said that I was having twins. Paulie we have two babies. They are beautiful.”

Paulie was overwhelmed and said. “I have two babies, wow! I am a father of two. Andric you have two grandchildren. Father, mother delivered her own grandson.

Everyone was very happy. The Paramedics took Cachita and the infants to the hospital. When the Doctor arrived, he said. “One baby was hiding behind the other and that’s why we only saw one. Both babies have been examined and they are fine.”

“Now we have to find a name for the babies.” Cachita said. “I know that our boy will be named after his father, but we want a middle name for him, now we have to look for a name for our daughter.

“What a wonderful Thanksgiving this has been after all.” Yamara said. “Let’s all go back to the big house and celebrate Thanksgiving. We can leave the new parents to enjoy their newborns.”

Everyone went back to the big house to finish celebrating Thanksgiving.

The following day Drone, Yamarah, Paulie‘s parents and River‘s grandparents went home.

“This has been a very interesting Thanksgiving.” Yamarah said. “Yurnia Ylang and Cachita disappeared and thanks God were found safe by Tanner. Then Cachita gives birth to unexpected twins. I wonder what else is going t happen.”

“Don’t forget that your son is getting married soon.” Drone said. “They have to finish building their house soon before the wedding. Have you thought about what gift we are giving them for the wedding?”

“Now that you mention it.” Yamarah said. “I don’t have any ideas. We can give them a gift card so the can go wherever they want for their honeymoon. We can buy the furniture for their house.”

“Why don’t we find out what they want or need?” Drone asked. “Maybe they have something in mind.

“You are right.” Yamarah said. “We will ask them the next time we see them.”

Cachita and her babies were discharged, and when they arrived to the house, they had a surprise. Andric had bought another crib and everything double for the twins.

“How beautiful everything is.” Cachita said. “These babies are going to be spoiled rotten by their grandparents. I just thought of something. Can we take the babies to visit your parents Paulie?”

“We have to ask Drone about that.” Paulie said.” Maybe we can, after all they are our children and I was born on the other side of the cave.”

Paulie, I am going to ask you something.” Cachita said. “Can we move to our own place? Like an apartment or buy a house?”

“Yes we can.” Paulie replied. “But why would you want to move? Drone gave the house to your Father and us. We have our careers and someone to take care of our children. Andric has no one and I am sure it would hurt him if we took his grandchildren away. If we move out, we will need a baby sitter; we are hardly ever at home because of our work. However, if you want to move, we can start looking for a place. I want you to be happy my love.

“You are right.” Cachita said. “We do have everything we need here. Father has no more family than us, and will be hurt if we take the children away. We will stay and let father enjoy his grandchildren. I am going back to work in two weeks.”

River and Yurania Ylang pursued their wedding plans and their house was almost finished. They continued their work at the hospital and the office. Paulie and Cachita invited River and Yurania Ylang for dinner one Evening at a restaurant near the hospital’

River, Yurania, we have a question for both of you.” Paulie said. “Will you be our children’s Godparents?”

“It will be an honor.” River said. When do you want the babies baptized? Have you given them a name?”

“Not yet.” Paulie replied. “Cachita can’t make up her mind. We have to give them a name before we baptize them.”

“Well you better hurry.” Yurania Ylang said. “They need a name. What do you call them now?”

“Actually we do not call them anything.” Cachita said. “We just call them sweetheart, darling and other sweet things. I know, we can get together and suggest names. I don’t want just any names. The boy’s first name will be Paulie like his father, but we want a middle name.”

“Andrica sounds nice for the baby girl.” River said. “I am sure that your father will love it.”

“That sounds beautiful. Yurania Ylang said. “Don’t you like it Cachita?”

“Andrica sounds beautiful.” Cachita said.

“I like it.” Paulie said. “OK, now we have to look for middle names.”

“How is the house coming along? “ Cachita asked. “Have you registered in any stores for your wedding gifts? The wedding is at Christmas.” Father is having a great time babysitting the twins. This is the first night that I have gone out since I gave birth to the twins.”

The house is almost finished.” River said. “All it needs are the small finishing touches. The pool deck and landscaping is now being done. Paulie did a wonderful job with the architecture. Dad and Jon have been helping out quite a lot.”

“I sent out the invitations.” Yurania Ylang said.” I also wrote a list of the stores that I registered on the invitations. I finally bought the dress and bridal attire. You have to go get your dress and Matron of honor attire Cachita. I am sure that everything will fit you. Everything has been ordered, the flowers, the cake and the souvenirs. Mother and Yamarah will take care of the rest.”

“Where are you going for your honeymoon?” Cachita asked.

“We have not decided yet.” Yurania Ylang replied. We might ask Drone to let us use his yacht and just goon an adventure.”

“Please do not disappear like Drone and Yamarah did.” Paulie said. “I don’t feel like hunting for you guys too. That was some voyage we had, what an experience. Even though I would love to go adventure again, but now we have the twins to worry about.

“Ha ha ha! No Paulie.” River said. “We have no intentions of going back there again. I don’t think that Ylang would survive it.”

“What do you mean me not surviving?” Yurania Ylang asked. “I would love to go on an adventure. I have never been anywhere; it would be fun to do and go somewhere new.”

“You are right Ylang.” River said. “I believe you, after I found out that you were trying to find the cave. Then you and Cachita going to buy a pie, knowing that there was a hurricane approaching. That is not only being brave, but crazy too.”

What adventure follows River? You will have to wait for future chapters.

Readers, if you have any suggestions for the name of the twins. Post them on the website, blogspot or Facebook. You will read the names on the next chapter. Stay tuned for Chapter 15.



RIVER PART II-Chapter 13-Yurania Ylang and Cachita disappear

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on August 18, 2012 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (1)


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 13

Yurania Ylang and Cachita disappear

River and Paulie continued their search but could not find the women. “Do you think that maybe they got into trouble and found the cave entrance?” Paulie asked.

“It’s possible.” River replied. “Let’s call home, maybe they got there.”

Paulie called home but Andric said they did not get home yet,

“We better go to the cave.” River said. “They might be there, let’s hope that the water receded.”

The water near the cave had receded, “I see no sign of the tow truck. “River said. River and Paulie found the cave entrance went to the other side and looked around. “Let’s go to grandmother’s house.” River said. “Maybe they are there.

River and Paulie went to Marcela and Nano’s house. “Paulie, what are you and Riverdoing here?” Marcela asked. “Why are you not with Cachita? Isn’t she due any day now?”

“Grandmother we came to see if she and Ylang were here,” River said.

“What do you mean?” Marcella asked. “You know that any one that has never been here is not allowed to enter the cave unless it is an emergency. Yurania Ylang and Cachita have never been here.”

“Cachita and Yurania are missing” Paulie said. “They went to buy some pastries and a pie at Geneva’s Bakery and when they went to start the car it did not turn on.” Paulie explained what had happened with the tow truck driver and the women. “We thought that maybe they got caught in the flood and the cave opened up to save them. We are going to Mother’s house maybe they are there.”

“You may be right.” Marcela said. “Go see if you can find them and come back to let us know.”

“I will go to my parent’s house.” Paulie said. “If they are there I will go and let you know. “

Paulie went to his parent’s home, but they were not there. Paulie then went to the big mansion near Drone and Yamarah’s cabin. Neither the women nor the tow truck man were there. “I hope the women are at Drone and Yamarah’s cabin.” Paulie said.

When Paulie arrived at Drone and Yamarah’s cabin, Yurania Ylang, Cachita and the tow truck man were not there. “Where can they be?” Paulie asked. “I hope nothing has happened to them.”

“Let’s go home.” River said. “Maybe they got home by now. If not, we will continue to look for them.”

“I will go with you.” Drone said. “I will get my staff to help us look for them.

“I will go with you too.” Yamarah said.

“My parents are going too.” Paulie said. “They are worried about them too.”

Everyone got together at the cave entrance and when they were out of the cave, they saw all the damage that the storm had once more caused.

When they got to the big house, nothing but small trees and bushes were damaged. The women were not there. Drone got all of his staff to go look for Cachita, Yurania, Ylang and the tow truck driver. Everyone looked all day and they were no where to be found. “We can’t even find the tow truck.” River said.

Everyone went to the big house. “What a Thanksgiving day we will have this year.” Paulie said. “My wife and unborn child are missing, and so is my best friend. What could have happened to them? Where can they be?”

Sadness was felt all over the room. Tears were flowing down Paulie and Andric’s eyes. “It’s like the earth swallowed them.” River said.

A car was heard outside. “Maybe that’s them.” Paulie said. “Maybe they found a way to come back.”

When everyone went to find out who had arrived, it was Yurania Ylang’s parents.

“Where is my daughter?” Yurania Ylang’s mother asked. “We received message on the phone that my daughter is missing.”

River explained everything that had happened. “We will not give up looking for them.” River said. “Cachita is due to give birth at any moment. We have to find them.”

The police then arrived. “Did you find them? “ Paulie asked.

“We found the tow truck.” One of the officers said. “It was in the woods covered with a big tree that had fallen on it. There was no one there. We will keep on searching until we find them.”

Drone then decided to go back to the cave. “I am going back to the cave.” Drone said. “I am the keeper of the cave, and if they entered the cave without being invited they may be stuck in there or the cave has been sealed forever. Maybe it did not close on the other side when we came here because I am the keeper. I will be back.”

Drone went to the cave, and found the entrance quickly, which meant that no one went into the cave without being invited. There was no one in the cave. Drone looked on the other side of the cave to see if maybe he could find Yurania Ylang, Cachita and the tow man, near the river, but found no one. Drone then went back to let everyone know that he could not find them.

“Where can they be?” Yamarah asked.

“Sir, I know this may not be a good time.” One of the maids said to Drone. “All of you need to eat something. May I serve the dinner?”

Drone looked at everyone and said. “We do need to eat to keep our strength. Yes you may serve dinner.”

Everyone sat down, and Drone said. “Instead of giving thanks, let’s pray that we find Cachita, Yurania Ylang and the Tow man safe.”

Andric, Paulie, River and Yurania Ylang’s parents could not eat. There was silence and sadness all around the room.

“Why is everyone so sad?” Everyone looked at the dining room entrance, and Cachita, Yurania Ylang and the Tow man were standing there.

“I am asking again. Why is everyone so sad? Cachita asked. “It’s Thanksgiving.”

Paulie got up and ran to hug Cachita, River hugged Yurania Ylang, and everyone felt as if the light had just turned on.

“Where have all of you been?” Andric asked. “We have been worried about you. We have looked everywhere for you and could not find you. The Police found the tow truck under a fallen tree.”

“It’s a long story.” Yurania Ylang said. “This is Tanner the Tow man and our savior who saved our lives. After the tree fell on the tow truck, we saw a big water current coming toward us. Tanner took us to a cave that led to a small place on the other side.”

“How did you find the cave Tanner?” Drone asked. “Where is the cave?”

“I am from the other side of the cave.” Tanner said. “My parents were saved when one of the storms hit and destroyed our village. As you know these mysterious storms appear every year around that place. I also know that unless it is an emergency to save a life no one is allowed to enter the cave that has never been there. We also know that the entrance will not be seen unless it is either by someone who has lived on the other side of the cave or if it s an emergency. When I saw the water rushing down with a lot of debris, I also saw the cave entrance appear. I then knew that it was alright and took the ladies to the cave. The ladies were with me in my house eating and resting until the storm was over. Mr. Drone, I am the son of the man who lives in the small house near the river behind the mountains. I am the boy that you saved from drowning in the river. My mother died a couple of years ago. She died of a heart attack. I then brought the ladies home because I knew that their families were worried about them. I also knew that Cachita wanted to have her child near her family.”

“Thank you for saving them.” Drone said. I remember you and your parents when they arrived on the other side of the mountain.”

“Will you stay and have Thanksgiving dinner with us Tanner?” Yamarah asked. “Do you have any plans for tonight?”

“I have no plans.” Tanner replied. “I have to work early in the morning, so I do not have to go home. I will be glad to have dinner.”

“Every one was having dinner and Cachita said. “Paulie I have a confession to make. I hope that you and the others will forgive me for betraying your trust.”

“What is it Cachita?” Paulie asked.

“The other day Yurania and I followed father when he went to pick up Drone and Yamarah. We wanted to know where the entrance to the cave was. Not that we intended to enter the cave, but we were curious and wanted to know.”

“Why, did you do that?” Andric said. “We have told you what would happen if you entered the cave.”

“Please do not blame Cachita. “ Yurania Ylang said. “It was my idea. Cachita was hesitant to go, but I convinced her. I parked a block behind to watch when Drone and Yamarah came out, but we did not see them come out of the cave. The following day we went to see if we could find the entrance but we could not find it. We then decided to wait until Drone and Yamarah came and went back to follow them again and try to find the entrance to the cave. Please forgive me too River, I understand if you do not ever trust me again but I promise you that will I try hard to regain your trust.”

“Well you found it the hard way.” River said. “You both would have been killed in the storm had Tanner not been there. I forgive you Yurania.”

“I forgive you too.” Paulie said. “I forgive both of you.”

“OK, let us now give thanks.” Drone said. “We have much to be thankful for. Then we eat. I am starving.”

“Ut oh! I think someone wants to celebrate Thanksgiving with us tonight.” Cachita said. “OH God, I am going to the bathroom.”

Cachita got up to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden she cried. “Owww! It hurts, I can’t walk, my water broke, the baby, I feel the baby coming out!

Will Cachita give birth on Thanksgiving? Does she have time to go to the hospital? Tune in and find out in Chapter 14.


RIVER PART II-Chapter 12- Another storm

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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 12

Another storm

Yurania Ylang’s curiosity became stronger, she was now more eager to find out about the Cave and what really is on the other side of the cave. “I will find out one way or another,” Yurania Ylang said softly. “It may cause trouble for River and others, but I will find out. I know River will forgive me. I will just follow Yamarah and Drone when they go back, the next time they come back here.”

River and Yurania Ylang’s house and wedding plans began to unfold. Everything was running on schedule, Thanksgiving was approaching and Cachita’s delivery date was near. Cachita invited Yurania Ylang to go shopping for last minute thanksgiving food cravings. “I have this craving for a pumpkin pie that only Genova’s bakery has, and the store is near the street where we saw Drone park the other day. I noticed it while we were walking trying to find the cave entrance. Please go with me Yurania.”

“Cachita, are you sure?” Yurania Ylang asked. “There is a storm warning, and you are due to give birth at any moment.”

“I am sure.” Cachita said. “The storm is not due until tonight; I have a lot of time until I give birth. Labor takes a long time. I do want to eat the potato pie, we can go buy it and return home fast.”

“OK, let’s go to the bakery, get your pumpkin pie and go home.” Yurania Ylang said. “Do you remember where the bakery is?”

“Yes, I remember where the bakery is. “ Cachita said. “Drive me to where we saw Drone, I will tell you where the bakery is.”

Yurania Ylang drove to where she had seen Drone. “There is it.” Cachita said. “Park the car and I will go in and get the pie”

“I will go in with you.” Yurania Ylang said. “I will buy one for me and buy other pastries.”

Yurania Ylang and Cachita went into the bakery bought the pie and other pastries.

“Ladies I am going to close up soon.” The owner of the bakery said. “The storms around here are very dangerous, especially down the road. We have had many floods and the mudslides are very dangerous. You had better hurry and get out of here before it starts raining and the flood covers the roads.”

Yurania Ylang and Cachita hurried to get into the car. The car stalled and would not turn on. “Oh no! This can’t be happening.” Yurania Ylang said. “No matter how much I try, the car won’t turn on. Let me call the Auto club, they will come and help.” Yurania Ylang called the Auto club and they said they were going to get there as soon as possible.

A few moments later a tow truck from the car club arrived. They could not turn the car on, so the man from the Auto club towed them to the nearest garage. All of a sudden the wind began to get so strong that it made the ground tremble. The tow truck driver from the Auto club company, told the ladies to get into the tow truck so he could get them out of there and out of danger. Yurania Ylang and Cachita climbed into the tow truck, and the man drove away trying to find a safe place.

“Oh no, now we are in big trouble.” The tow truck man said. “It has started to rain and that will cause a flood. I will try and get to the other side of town. Maybe we can get away from the flood.”

The rain got harder, thunder roared and lightning bolts lit up the sky. The wind became stronger; all of a sudden lightning hit a big tree missing the front of the tow truck. The driver had to detour through another street. It began to get dark; the rain was so strong that the driver could not see where he was going.

“I should have listened to you Yurania.” Cachita said. “The storm got here earlier, we are in big trouble. How are we going to get home?”

“It’s OK Cachita.” Yurania Ylang said. “Do not worry we will get out of this, we will get home safe.”

“Ladies we are in real trouble now.” The tow truck driver said. “The road to the main highway is closed. We will have to go through the forest, let’s hope the river is not flooded yet.”

“I will call River.” Yurania Ylang said. “Maybe he and Paulie can find us.”

Yurania Ylang called River and told him what had happened. “Where are you now?” River asked. ’I will see if we can go get you.”

“We are somewhere in the forest.” Yurania Ylang said. “We were near the mall getting a pie at Genova’s bakery, then the car stalled and we called the Auto club. When the tow truck man towed us to a garage the storm started. The tow truck man helped us get into his tow truck and the roads got bad so he had to drive into the forest. Hello! Hello! The phone went dead. Now what do we do?”

River called Paulie and told him what had happened to the girls. “I could not get the directions to where they are.” River said. “ Ylang’s phone went dead. All Ylang said was that they had to go into the forest.”

“I am worried River.” Paulie said. “Cachita is due any day now, and these storms are very dangerous. They are far from the cave entrance, they may be in danger if there is a flood. What are we going to do? They need help.”

“We can’t call Drone.” Paulie said. “One of us is going to have to go to the cave and let Drone and everyone else know what happened.”

Cachita and Yurania Ylang cannot enter the cave unless they are in danger.” River said. “They do not know where the entrance to the cave is any way. I am going to call Ian. He can go and tell Drone what is going on. You and I can go look for the girls.”

River called Ian who agreed to go talk to Drone .Paulie used his jeep and drove Ian to the cave entrance, but before he got there, the streets were flooded and there was no way for them to drive through. “Go look for the girls.” Ian said. “I will look for a way to get to the cave entrance.”

The wind got stronger and everything got darker. River and Paulie took big flashlights with them. Paulie drove into the forest; they looked around but saw no sight of the tow truck or the girls. “We cannot give up.” Paulie said. “We have to find them.”

The storm got worse and the girls could not be found. “Where can they be?” Paulie asked. “I Hope they were not washed up by the flood, but then it is not flooded here yet. The river is overflowed but there has been no flood in the forest.”

“We have to keep on looking.” River said. “The wind is getting stronger and we will not be able to continue driving through.”

Paulie and River continued looking, hours passed and they could not find Yurania Ylang, Cachita and the tow truck man. They could not even find the tow truck. “We better go back” River said. “Maybe the tow truck was able to make it through and the driver took the girls home.”

“You are Right River.” Paulie said. “Let’s go home before this storm gets worse and we won’t be able to make it back.”

Paulie drove back home, just before the storm really got bad. “Did the girls come home?” Paulie asked.

“No they have not come home yet.” Andric said. “Where did they go?”

“Andric, I am sorry I have not told you,” Paulie said. “Cachita and Yurania went to get a pumpkin pie to Genova’s bakery near the mall, the car did not go on and had to be towed, but the storm was blowing so hard that the tow truck driver had to take the women to safety.”

“How come he did not bring them home?” Andric asked. “He would have gotten paid for it.”

“He was going to bring them home.” River said. “The storm got worst, the street got flooded, and due to a fallen tree the truck driver had to make a detour and had to drive into the forest. Yurania Ylang then called me, but before she could tell me where they wer,e her phone died. Ian went to let Drone know but the street was flooded and he went to find a way to get to the cave. Paulie and I looked in the forest for hours and could not find them or the tow truck. We then decided to come back, thinking that they were able to make it home. The storm is getting worse.”

“Those women are crazy.” Andric said. “They knew that this is the storm season, and there was a severe storm warning, yet they went out. Where can they be?”

“We will go back out and look for them.” Paulie said. “There is too much danger out there and Cachita may be in labor soon.”

“Where are you going to look? Andric asked. “The wind is too strong; it is late and dark out there.”

Paulie said. “I can’t just stay here knowing that my wife may be in danger and in labor. I have to go and look for her.”

“I will go with you.” River said. “Andric you stay here in case they call you or Drone and Ian contact you. Call us as soon as you hear anything from the girls. We will call you when we find them.”

Paulie and River got in the jeep and drove away. The jeep was covered and had all the equipment they thought they needed to find the women.

All o a sudden the wind got so strong that houses trees and cars were flying through the air. Paulie drove the jeep under a big tunnel to escape the storm. Hours passed and finally the storm was over. Paulie and River had to push a lot of debris that was blocking the entrance to the tunnel. When they finally got out, it was daylight and a lot of devastation. Houses were destroyed, cars were overturned, trees and power poles were down. Paulie and River proceeded to go look for Yurania Ylang and Cachita.

Where can Yurania Ylang and Cachita be? Did the women finally find the cave entrance by mistake? Will Cachita still be pregnant and not given birth?

Stay tuned for chapter 13.







RIVER- PART II-Chapter 11-Looking for the Cave

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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 11

Looking for the Cave

Yurania Ylang and Cachita followed Andric. Yurania Ylang made sure that she was far enough; she did not want to be seen. Finally Andric parked the limo near the trees in the forest. “Drone and Yamarah should be arriving soon.” Cachita said.

“We will follow Andric when he gets out of the car.” Yurania Ylang said.

Andric did not get out of the car. “Maybe the cave entrance is near.” Yurania Ylang said. “No one can see the entrance and when Drone and Yamarah come out of the cave they will quickly walk to the limo and Andric will drive them to the Mall.

“Let’s go back.” Cachita said. “I don’t feel good doing this. We are betraying their trust.”

“No, we can’t go back, not yet.” Yurania Ylang said. “We are already here; I want to know where the cave is. We will wait until Yamarah and Drone get in the car.

Andric started the car and began to drive. “They must be here.” Yurania Ylang said. “Andric must be trying to be careful not to let anyone see him. Yamarah and Drone must be getting out of the cave, and Andric is now going to pick them up.”

Yurania Ylang followed Andric, she kept her distance, and parked across the street being careful not to let Andric see her. Yurania Ylang wanted to see when Yamarah and Drone came out of the cave.

“There they are.” Cachita said, “But where did they come from? I did not see them come out of any cave.”

“I did not see where they came from either.” Yurania Ylang said. “I did not see any cave entrance. They must have been behind the trees. As soon as they leave we will look around, it must not be very far.”

Andric drove away and Yurania Ylang parked the car near where Andric had been waiting for Drone and Yamarah. “Come on let’s get out of the car.” Yurania Ylang said.

“Where are we going?” Cachita asked. “Yurania Ylang, you promised that you would not go to the cave.”

“We are not going to the cave.” Yurania Ylang replied.” I just want to know where the entrance is, it must be nearby.”

Both women got out of the car and walked around the area where they saw Drone and Yamarah walking from. They even walked behind the trees, and could not find the entrance to the cave. They walked and walked but found nothing, not even rocks. “I guess it’s not anywhere around here.” Cachita said. “Take me home, I am tired. Just forget about the cave.

“OK, we could not find it this time.” Yurania Ylang said. “Next time we will follow them when they leave from here to go to the cave. I will take you home, and then go help River.”

“What do you mean next time?” Cachita asked. “I am not coming back here. You heard what they said, that if anyone who has never been to the cave or the other side that the entrance will close forever. I do not want Paulie to be stuck on the other side. Even if he is on this side, I do not want Paulie to never see his parents again. For that matter, I do not want to get stuck on the other side. River will also never see his mother again.”

“Do you really believe all that nonsense?” Yurania Ylang asked. “Something is there that they do not want us to see. I will not go into the cave, but I just want to see where the cave is, for now.”

“Yurania Ylang you are going to make trouble for us.” Cachita said. “Take me home please.”

The women walked to the car, and got in it. “If anyone asks where we were, we tell them we went for lunch.” Yurania Ylang said. “Then to the Mall to look at Baby stuff. Hey I got an idea. Let’s go window shopping for baby stuff, and then we won’t be lying.”

“Good idea.” Cachita said. “I need new clothes, noting fits me any more, my belly is growing too fast. The baby is due by Thanksgiving. I also need comfortable shoes.”

Yurania Ylang and Cachita went to the mall, ate lunch and went shopping for maternity clothes for Cachita. They also went to look at wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. “I know that it’s a long time for Christmas.” Yurania Ylang said. “Time goes very fast and I want the perfect wedding dress. Cachita, will you be my Matron of Honor? You are my best friend. The bride picks out the Matron of honor. I don’t know who River will pick as his Best Man. Please say yes, you will have given birth by Christmas.”

“Oh my God!” Cachita replied. “Of course I will be your Matron of Honor. Thank you for asking. I was hoping that you would ask me. So many people have appeared into our lives now. It will be hard for River to pick out his Best Man. Please Yurania; take me home, I am so tired.”

Yurania Ylang Drove Cachita home then went to River’s office.

“Where have you ladies been all day?” River asked. “Did you ladies have a good day?”

“Cachita and I went for lunch.” Yurania Ylang replied. “Then we went window shooing for baby stuff. We ended looking at Wedding dresses. I asked Cachita to be my Matron of Honor, and she gladly accepted. Cachita is my best friend. I hope you don’t mind River.”

“No I don’t mind.” River said. “You are the bride, as a matter of fact, I am asking Paulie to be my Best Man. Paulie is also my best friend. The rest of the wedding party we will think of who will be best bridesmaid, grooms and everything else. I am ready to go home now.”

Yurania Ylang had gone back to living with her parents, and River went to live at the big house after they had graduated.

“We have to start the plans to build our own house.” River said. “I am meeting with Paulie and Dad at home. Will you come with me so you can tell us how you want the house built ad the colors?”

“Oh yes, how exciting.” Yurania Ylang said. I already have an idea of the colors. You can also ask Paulie to be our best man while we are there together.”

Yurania Ylang felt bad for breaking her promise to River, but she is very curious and wants to know where the cave is. She will not go in the cave. “At least she will try not to.” She thought.

River and Yurania Ylang locked the office and went to the big house to meet Ian and River, who were there already waiting for them. River, Yurania Ylang, Paulie and Ian had dinner then went to the Study to draw the plans for Yurania Ylang and River‘s house.

The plans were, drawn, the colors were picked, and everyone went to the living room to hear music drink wine and talk. “Paulie, I want to ask you something“. River said.

“OK, what happened now River?” Paulie asked. “Go ahead ask.”

“River said. “Paulie will you do me the honor of being the best Man at our wedding? You are my best friend.”

Paulie smiled and said. “I thought you would never ask, of course I will be your Best Man. I better go tell Cachita.”

“Ylang already asked Cachita and she accepted.” River said.

Cachita entered the living room at that moment and asked. “Did I hear my name mentioned in here?”

“Yes you did.” Paulie said. “River just asked me to be his Best Man at their wedding and I accepted. River also said that Yurania Ylang asked you to be the Matron of Honor and you said yes. We thought they would never ask.”

“Yes, Yamarah asked me.” Cachita said. “Isn’t it wonderful? I will not be pregnant then, because the baby will be born on or before Thanksgiving.”

“Where are Drone and Yamarah?” Yurania Ylang asked. “I thought that they were coming over today after they went shopping.”

“They came by, but had to leave right away.” Paulie said. “It was getting late and they had a lot of packages.”

Yurania Ylang looked at Cachita who understood what she was trying to do. “Is my father home?” Cachita asked.

“Yes he came in a little while ago.” Paulie replied. “Did you girls enjoy the day together? Did you shop a lot?”

“I bought some maternity clothes.” Cachita said. “None of my clothes fit me any more. We also looked at baby stuff and bridal dresses. I really am tired, please excuse me, I want to go rest. Good night everyone.” Cachita felt very bad about what she had done, and went to her room.

“Good night Cachita.” Yurania Ylang said.” I can understand how tired you must be. We did a lot of walking today. I too am tired, I am going home. I will call you tomorrow; maybe we can go out for lunch and shopping another day. Good night everyone.”

“I will accompany you home. “ River said.

“No, River, I can go home by myself.” Yurania Ylang said. “I do not live far from here; I will call you when I get home.”

River accompanied Yurania Ylang to her car. “Are you alright Yamarah?” River asked. “You have been acting kind of weird. Is there anything wrong?”

“No my love.” Yurania Ylang replied. “I guess the excitement of the wedding and building our new house has overwhelmed me. I am ok.” Yurania Ylang kissed River, got in the car and drove home. “I know that what I am doing is wrong.” Yurania Ylang said to herself. “I hate deceiving River this way, but I must find out where the cave is.”

The plot thickens, Will Yurania Ylang continue her quest to find the cave?

Stay tune for chapter 12



RIVER PART II-Chapter 10- Happy surprises

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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 10

Happy Surprises

Jon was surprised and said. ”I want you to tell me about it now. I cannot wait. This is too big a story; I want to hear it all.”

Ian then sat down and told Jon the whole story about when he met Yamarah, and learned about having a son.

“Well, things happen and you were young Dad.” Jon said. “River, I am proud to have a brother like you. All these years attending the same college and we did not know we were brothers.”

Everyone went home and days later Jon was released from the hospital.

Graduation day was getting near, and River was going to propose to Yurania Ylang. Ian asked River, if it would be alright to celebrate a surprise engagement party. “It will be a dinner party in my house. “ Ian said. “I will invite friends and family if it is OK with you. You can invite whomever you want River. After dinner we go into the garden, and you propose to Yurania Ylang.”

“Of course it is OK with me.” River said. “I will tell Yurania Ylang that you invited us to dinner. I will be honored to have my engagement party at my father’s house with family and friends.”

The day of the dinner arrived and Family and friends were there. River and Yurania Ylang were the last ones to arrive. Dinner was served and everyone enjoyed the delicious food. “Let us go to the garden.” Jon said. “It is a lovely evening.”

“You go ahead Ylang.” River said. “I will be out in a minute I have to get something that I forgot in the car.”

Yurania Ylang followed everyone to the garden. Tables and chairs were set, with beautiful flowers around the garden. All of sudden the lights were turned off. In the middle of the garden was a lighted fountain. The fountain had statues of a couple holding hands forming a heart. In the middle was a spinning crystal glass ball. The crystal glass ball spins off while the pump underneath shoots water up to make spinning motion. River was standing in front of the fountain and said. “Ylang, will you please come close to me?”

Yurania Ylang walked toward River, not knowing what was going on. When Yurania Ylang got close to River, he got down on one knee, opening a jewel box he had in his hands. “Ylang we have come a long way.” River said. “I promised you that before we got our doctorate degree in college we would get engaged then after we graduated and received our tittles we would get married.” River opened the box, took the engagement ring out, gently grabbed Yurania Ylang’s hand and said. “We fell in love with our souls for I was blind. You loved me even though I was blind. I loved you in spite of you thinking I would never love you because you were overweight. I have never stopped loving you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Yurania Ylang will you accept this ring as a token of our love and engagement. Will you marry me?”

Yurania Ylang was overwhelmed; she did not expect such a beautiful surprise. “River, we have been together and survived rough times.” Yurania Yland said. “The first time that I saw you, my heart knew you were going to be my forever love. I fell in love with the boy, with a wonderful heart. I did not think about you being blind. You loved me no matter what, even though I thought a handsome guy such as you would not fall in love with a fat girl. Our sacrifices in out last graduation, you getting fat and me loosing weight, was proof that our love is true. Yes River, I am honored to accept the ring and yes, I will marry you.”

River put the ring on Yurania Ylang’s finger, got up and the couple sealed heir love and engagement with a kiss.

Everyone applauded, the lights went back on and everyone congratulated the happy couple.

The maids pushed a table with a beautiful three tiered cake to the center of the garden. A big engagement ring adorned the top of the cake, Jasmines, and Ylang Ylang flowers with their leaves surrounded the cake. Then the musicians started to play romantic music for the couple to dance. “What a beautiful cake.” Yurania Ylang said. “This has been a wonderful surprise.”

“All of this was my father Ian’s idea.” River said. “Ian went with me to help me choose the ring. I did not know that he was my father at the time.”

“The ring is gorgeous.” Yurania Ylang said. Everything is beautiful.”

“Shall we set the date of the wedding now or do you want to wait.” River said.

“Can we have the wedding on Christmas Day?” Yurania Ylang asked.

“A Christmas wedding it shall be.” River replied. “Let’s tell everyone now.”

River asked the musicians to turn off the music for a moment. “I would like to have your attention everyone.” River said. “Before we start the music again and dance, Yurania Ylang and I have an announcement to make.”

Everyone turned their attention toward River and Yurania Ylang. “We have set our wedding date for Christmas Day.” River said. “You will know the details when you received the invitations. Thank you very much for your attention. Now the musicians can turn the music back on.”

Everyone applauded and the music was turned on again. Yurania’s parents were the first to congratulate and danced with the couple. Yamarah and Ian went next, then Drone and Rose, Jon and Pamela, Paulie and Cachita, both pair of grandparents, then everyone else. The party was spectacular.

“Thank you for the beautiful party you have made for our son and his fiancé Ian.” Yamarah said. “Everything has been wonderful.”

“No need to thank me.” Ian said. “It is the least I have done for our son. Now we have to plan the wedding.”

“Drone and I are leaving.” Yamarah said, “It’s too late to go to our cabin, so we will be staying at the big house for tonight.”

Everyone else thanked Ian and Rose for the wonderful party they had and went home.

Paulie’s parents also stood in the big house for the night. The following day, Cachita and Paulie called River and asked if he and Yurania Ylang would go to the big house “Cachita and I have an announcement to make.” Paulie said. “I want you and Yurania Ylang to be present. Will you come?”

“What’s wrong Paulie?” River asked. “Has anything bad happened?”

“I will tell everyone this afternoon.” Paulie said.

River and Yurania Ylang went to the big house. Andric, Drone, Yamarah, Paulie’s parents were there too. Everyone was curious as to what Paulie and Cachita had to say

“I have gathered all of you here today to make two announcements. I did not say anything last night at the party because it was River and Yurania Ylang’s night. The first announcement is that Cachita and I have been married since we returned from our journey to Najikala Island. We were so glad to see each other and did not want to wait any longer, so we eloped. We did however have Andric and my parent’s blessings. We asked them not to tell anyone until Cachita and I gave the announcement. The second announcement no one knew, We are going to have a baby,. Yes, Cachita is pregnant.”

Everyone was surprised. “Let me be the first to congratulate you my friend. “ River said. “So many wonderful things are happening.”

“I am going to be a grandpa.” Andric said. “The patter of little feet will finally be heard in this big ole house.”

Everyone else hugged and congratulated Cachita and Paulie.

Graduation day arrived and Paulie, Cachita, River and Yurania Ylang finally had their Doctorate degrees. River and Yurania Ylang were now Official Ophthalmologists,

Paulie was now an Architect graduate and Cachita a Psychologist.

Yamarah and Drone went back to their cabin in the mountains, taking Paulie’s parents home. Paulie was offered an executive position at a very well known company, River and Yurania Ylang continued to work in the same hospital but both were offered higher ranking positions. Cachita was offered a job as head Psychologist in the same hospital that River and Yurania Ylang worked.

River continued his practice at the hospital then decided to have his own private office, near the hospital. River performed the eye surgeries at the same hospital. Yurania Ylang worked part time with River in their own private office, and she also worked part time at the hospital.

Yurania Ylang often thought about the other side of the cave and one day she invited Cachita for lunch near the hospital. “Cachita, have you ever wondered what it is like on the other side of the cave?” Yurania Ylang asked.

“Yes I have.” Cachita replied. “I have wondered about what it’s like and have been tempted to go find out, but I promised Drone and father that I would never go there.”

“Do you think it is true what they say?” Yurania Ylang asked. “River said that the cave might close and disappear. Whoever is on the other side would never come back, and vice verse.”

“I don’t know.” Cachita said. “I would hate to be the one to cause any problems.”

“Do you think that maybe we can go and maybe see the entrance?” Yurania Ylang asked.

“How are we going to see it, if we do not know where it is?” Cachita replied.

“Maybe we can follow Andric the next time he goes to pick up Drone.” Yurania Ylang said. “We don’t have to go in the cave, I am just curious.”

I don’t think it is a good idea.” Cachita said. “I made a promise not to ever go near the cave or even think about going there. I do not want to break my promise to my father and Drone.”

“Aren’t you the least bit curious?” Yurania Ylang asked. “I promised River that I would not go, but I have to know or a least see where the cave is. Come on, we will not be breaking our promise if we accidentally saw your father on the road and stopped to say hello after the cave entrance appeared. Please say yes and go with me you will not break your promise, you will be accompanying me to go visit a friend who lives in the area.”

Cachita thought for a moment and asked. “Do you know when Drone will be coming back?”

“Ask you father.” Yurania Ylang replied. “He may know. How are you feeling with the pregnancy? Have you felt the baby kick? Have you had your fist sonogram? I bet you want to find out if it is a girl or a boy. Let me know what your father says about when Drone will come back here.”

“I will ask father and let you know.” Cachita said. “I have an appointment tomorrow to see the GYN; we will have the first sonogram and will know the baby’s sex. I have felt slight kicking, I feel good now, and the dizziness and nausea have gone away. We have to start thinking of what name to give our baby. I have to go back to work at the hospital now Thanks for the lunch. I will keep in touch”

“I have to go to the office; River may be busy and needs me.” Yurania Ylang said. “You are very welcomed.”

Yurania Ylang drove to the office, and River was very busy. “Did you have a nice lunch with Cachita? River asked. “How is Cachita feeling with her pregnancy?”

“Yes we had a nice lunch.” Yurania Ylang replied. “Cachita is feeling very well.”

River went back to his patients and Yurania Ylang also went to see her patients.

Days later Cachita called Yurania Ylang and said. “Father will be picking Drone and your mother up tomorrow morning. Yamarah wants to go shopping at the mall.”

“Good, I am off tomorrow.” Yurania Ylang said. “Can you go with me? I hate going by myself. I promise we will not go in. I will pick you up at the hospital entrance.”

“I will take the day off, and go with you.” Cachita said. “I hate what I am doing, but I too am very curious. I will be waiting for you in front of the hospital.”

The following morning Yurania Ylang picked Cachita up and went to wait for Andric to come out of the big house, and then follow him.

What will happen when Yurania Ylang and Cachita follow Andric to the cave entrance? Will they see the entrance? Will Yurania Ylang and Cachita be tempted to go in the cave?

Find out when you tune in to Chapter 11

RIVER-PART II-Chapter 9-Jon's Accident

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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 9

Jon’s accident

Drone did not know what to say, but he knew that River had to know the truth. Drone started to say. “River, you…..

Ian’s phone rang at that moment, and interrupted by saying. “I have to go, there has been an accident.”

“What happened, Ian?” River asked.

“Jon, Pamela and the baby are being taken to the hospital.” Ian replied. “A truck collided with Jon’s car. I will know more when I get to the hospital.”

“I will go with you Ian.” River said.” You cannot drive, your nerves are shot.”

“I appreciate that River.” Ian said.

“I will go with you both.” Yurania Ylang said.

Drone and Yamarah followed, Andric drove them.

When they arrived at the hospital, Rose was waiting in the visitor’s lounge waiting for the doctor to give her some news. “What happened, Rose?” Ian asked. “Are they alive?”

“Pamela has some bruises, and the baby thank God is alright.” Rose said. “The Doctor is examining them now. Jon was badly hurt, the car was trapped under the truck and the firefighters had to break into the car under the truck to get Jon out.” Rose was in shock, tears were rolling down her cheeks, and she could not believe that her son was badly hurt.

The doctor went into the lounge and said. “Your daughter-in-law is alright, and the baby is fine. The seatbelt saved her life. Your son has a very bad cut on his head, he needs blood, do any of you have Rh-Negative blood?”

“I do.” Ian said. You can take all the blood that you need.”

“There is another problem.” The doctor said. “The patient has a glass stuck in one eye. Surgery is imperative and we need a good eye surgeon to operate or he will loose his eyesight.

“I also have Rh-Negative blood he can have what he needs.” River said. “I will take a look at his eyes as soon as you stabilize him.”

“It is best that you examine the patient before you donate your blood Dr. River.” The doctor said. “You need to be in good health and strong when you operate.”

“You are right doctor.” River said. “Let me go and change clothes.”

“River do you need my help?” Yurania Ylang asked.

“Yes, I would appreciate your help Ylang.” River replied.

Both River and Yurania Ylang left to get ready to examine Jon.

Ian donated his blood and the Doctors stabilized Jon. River examined Jon’s eye and knew it was going to be a difficult surgery, but he wanted to save Jon’s eye. The glass had to be taken out very slow; River did not know how far the glass had gone. Jon was taken to the Operating room and prepared for surgery.

Everyone was tense, they knew it was a difficult procedure, but they had faith in River. Hours passed and finally YuraniaYlang came out of the operating room. “The operation was a success.” Yurania Ylang said. “River took the glass out of the eyes, and there is no damage, the glass did not go too deep into the eye. Jon’s eye has been saved.”

River walked out of the operating room and said. “We will know how Jon’s vision is when he wakes up. Jon’s head was injured badly. It is all a matter of waiting.”

“Thank you son.” Ian said. Thank you for saving Jon’s eye.”

“You do not have to thank me Dad.” River said. “I am glad that I was able to save my brother’s eye.”

Everyone looked surprised! “Yes, Ian, I just realized that you are my father.” River said. “The moment that I learned that you and I have the same blood type, not too many people have that same blood type. You have been too good to me, helped me out, and only a father leaves his wife, other son and new granddaughter to go on a journey without thinking if he will return. The reason I first thought that it was Drone, was because I have known Drone since I was a little boy, he saved my life, and has done a lot for me. I am very proud to have you as my father. All these years knowing Jon, and we never knew we were brothers. I wonder how he is going to feel when he wakes up and learns that we are brothers.”

Ian and River gave each other a big hug, everyone was very glad.

“Thank you River.” Rose said, hugging River and giving him a kiss on the forehead. “Welcome to our family.”

“Wow River!” Pamela said. “All these years and no one knew or thought that you and Jon are brothers, and now you have a little niece. From being a friend to a brother-in-law, ha, ha! When can we see Jon?”

“We should let him rest for the night.” River said. “His primary doctor should be able to let you know. I did my job, now it is up to his primary doctor.”

“Jon’s Doctor was in the room and said. “ You can all see him for a few moments, but try not to wake him up., he needs a lot of rest.”

“Yurania Ylang and I will be here all night and we will keep an eye on Jon.” River said. “We have had a long day and after that accident, Pamela needs to rest and take care of the baby. Thank God that everyone is alright. I am sure Jon will be OK too; it is just going to be a little while before he gets well and back to normal. We will know more when Jon wakes up. Mother and everyone go home and rest. I will see you all in the morning.”

River and Yurania Ylang went to rest for the evening.

The following Morning River went to check on Jon, who was awake. “How are you feeling Jon?” River asked. “You had a nasty accident.”

“Where are Pamela and the baby?’ Jon asked. “Are they alright? Pease tell me how they are.”

“Everyone is fine.” River said. “Your doctor examined you and says that you are going to be alright. You need to rest, do you remember what happened?”

“I remember seeing a huge Mac truck coming at me and all went blank.” Jon said.

“What happened to me and why is my eye patched up? Did I lose my eye? O God no! Please tell me that I have not lost my eye.”

“No, you did not lose your eye.” River said. “You almost did, a piece of glass fell in your eye and it had to be taken out. The glass was lodged deep in your eye, but did not get to damage it. I have to get the bandages off and examine your eye, now.”

“Wait a minute. Jon said. “Did you operate on my eye?”

“Well it was either me or you would still have the glass in your eye.” River said. “No one else was qualified for the job so I did it, yes.”

River took the bandages off and examined Jon’s eye. “It looks good.” River said. “Now, can you see?”

Jon looked around and said. “Yes, I can see very well River. Thank you.”

“Yurania Ylang was very helpful too.” River said. “She was in the Operating Room assisting me.”

Yurania Ylang entered the room and said. “Did I hear my name in here? How are you feeling Jon? “

“I feel like a Mac truck crushed me.” Jon said. “River told me that you assisted him with my eye surgery. You guys have sure come a long way. Thank you both.”

There was a knock on the door. “Come in.” Jon said.

It was Ian, Rose, Pamela, Yamarah and Drone. “How are you feeling son.” Ian asked. “You gave us quite a scare.”

Rose and Pamela hugged Jon and kissed him. “Just as I said to Yurania Ylang.” Jon said. “I feel like a Mac truck ran over me. How are you Pamela and how is the baby?”

“I am fine.” Pamela said. “The baby is fine, how is your eye?”

“I can see, I have a headache but I fine know that my family is fine and my eye is OK. Your son a fine eye surgeon there Yamarah. I never thought that the blind boy I met, and then went to college with, would become an eye surgeon and save my eye, along with the shy Yurania Ylang.

“There is something else that you should know.” Jon said. “That young blind boy who saved your eye is also your brother.”

“What” Jon exclaimed. “What is your talking about?

“River is your brother.” Ian said. “I just found out before I went with River and Paulie to the journey to look for Yamarah and Drone. We did not tell anyone because Yamarah wanted to tell River before anyone else knew. We did not know what River’s reaction would be towards me when he found out. It is a long story and I will tell you about it once you are out of the hospital.

How will Jon react to the news that River is his brother?

You will find out in Chapter 10.

RIVER PART II-Chapter 8-Truth revealed

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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 8

Truth revealed

Paulie and Ian went to their parent’s house to let them know that everyone was safe and to spend the night with them. Drone and Yamarah went to their cabin and invited River to stay the night.

Marcela was relieved to see her son safe. “I felt so sad watching my Son River suffer the loss of his mother” Ian said. “I wanted very much to tell him that I am his father. When we saw that Yamarah was still alive, I was relieved and glad to see my son happy again. When we get back home, I will tell him.”

“You must wait until Yamarah tells him my son.” Marcella said. “I am sure she will tell him soon. Yamarah will tell him in her own way and River will bear no grudges against you. Now go rest you have a granddaughter to go see.”

“Yes, I am very anxious to see my other son Jon and my granddaughter.” Ian said. “I am sure they are desperate to see me, and my wife will be glad to see me too.”

The following morning, Drone, Yamarah, River, Paulie, and Ian met at the cave entrance, everyone went to Drone’s house. When they arrived there was a welcomed committee. Drone had called Andric and told him that they were arriving in the morning.

Cachita ran to meet Paulie, Ylang ran to meet River, Ian’s family were waiting for him. Everyone hugged each other, even Brutus jumped on Drone.

“Yamarah, I know that you want to go home and finish your honeymoon.” Ian said. “May I speak to you for a moment it is very important.”

“Sure Ian.” Yamarah said. “Let’s go inside where we can talk private. “

Yamarah and Ian went inside the house and Ian said. “I know that you have been through a lot Yamarah, and you may think it is too soon, but when will you tell River that I am his father? You are going to live in the mountains and River will be living near me, I want to have a relationship with my son.”

“You are right.” Yamarah said. “I will come to visit next week, and I will tell River about you. Too much has happened and I need too figure out what I will tell River. I know how hard it is for you to see him and not be able to tell him. It must have been hard on you when you thought that he was loosing me. Thank your for accompanying him in the journey, and all that you have done for us. Now we must go home, I want to finally be in my home.”

Everyone went to their homes. Drone and Yamarah went to finish their honeymoon in their new home in the mountains. Drone took Brutus with him.

River and Yurania Ylang were finally alone. “I missed you so much River.” Yurania Ylang said. “I was very worried about you. Tell me about everything that happened. I know that there is more than Drone told us about the journey.”

“I missed you a lot too my love.” River said. “Drone told everyone about everything that happened in Najikala Island. My mother was pushed over a cliff and miraculously survived. I thought that my world was crushed. Ian and Paulie were very helpful, I thank God we found them and every one is safe.”

“River, where are you from?” Yurania Ylang asked. “You have never mentioned where you’re from, and neither has Paulie.”

River paused for a moment and said.” I am from the village, and so is Paulie. We grew up together in the village.”

“What village?” Yurania Ylang asked. “There are so many villages. I also notice that Paulie and you have never taken me or Cachita to where you grew up“

“I am going to be honest with you.” River said. “But you have to promise not to ask again, or tell anyone about it. Please respect what I am about to tell you.”

“OK, I promise.” Yurania Ylang said. “I am very curious.”

“I am from the other side of a cave, and so are Paulie and his parents, Ian and his parents, Drone and Brutus. My mother was allowed because she was pregnant and had to be saved so she got there by accident before I was born. No one is allowed to enter the cave unless they are from the other side. That is all that I can tell you. If anyone who is not from the other side of the cave were to enter, the cave entrance will disappear and whoever is on the other side will stay there forever and whoever is on this side will stay here forever. Please do not ask me where it is because I am not allowed to say. I also ask you to please never follow me or attempt to follow anyone to get there. I know curiosity will tempt you, but I trust that you will keep our secret just like Andric and Cachita have kept it.”

“I will keep your secret River.” Yurania Ylang said. “Thank you for the information and for trusting me. We will finish our internship in two weeks and we will finally become Surgeons. We will be able to help people regain their eyesight. I am so excited!”

“Yes, we will.” River replied. “River and Cachita will be graduating too. Mother wants me to meet her at the big house. I wonder what she wants to talk about, she sounded serious. I hope nothing else goes wrong. Let‘s get some rest before we start our shift in the morning.”

The following day River and Yurania Ylang proceeded to do their medical work in the hospital. River called Ian and asked if they could meet at the Mall. “Ian I need someone to come with me to buy Yurania Ylang’s engagement ring.” River said. “Would it be too much trouble to ask you? Drone and Mother are honeymooning, Paulie is working, so I thought to ask you.”

Ian was overwhelmed. “Of course I will meet with you.” Ian said. It will be my pleasure and fun. I will pick you up in front of the hospital.”

Ian never thought that his son was going to ask him to help buy an engagement ring. “I know that once River learns that I am his father we will get along just fine.” Ian whispered to himself. “I also know that Jon will accept him too. I will throw a big engagement party for River and Yurania Ylang, if they will allow me.”

Ian picked River up in front of the hospital, and they went to the mall. Both men went into the most expensive jewelry store and picked out a beautiful ring with a big solitaire diamond. “Yurania Ylang will love the ring.” Ian said. “Are you sure you have the right size?”

“Yes, I am sure it is the right size ring.” River said. “I took one of her rings and measured it. I am going to propose before our graduation. I promised Ylang that we would get married after we finished our internship and graduated. I also want to build a house for us.”

“That is fantastic son.” Ian said. “If you allow me, I can help build the house for you. We can make the plans together. Just let me know how many rooms and everything that you want. I am sure that Paulie will be happy to help, after all, he is the Architect.”

“That is a good ideas Ian.” River said. “First I will propose to Ylang then she can also give us an idea of how she wants the house. I already have the land. Drone gave it to me so I can build the house. Drone wanted me to take the big house, but I rather build my own. Paulie and Cachita can take the big house. Cachita and Andric have lived there all their lives. I better get back to the hospital, my shift begins soon, and I don’t want to be late. I also want to take Ylang for dinner. Would you like to join us Ian?”

“Thank you for the Invitation River.” Ian said. “But I best get back to my wife, I do not want her to feel neglected. Think I will take her to dinner too. Let me buy some flowers for her. Rose has been very patient with me after going on the journey with you.

“Ian, I want to thank you again for going with us to rescue mother and all that you have done for me.” River said . “You have been very helpful. I have to go and apologize to your wife for taking so much of your time,”

“It is OK River, my wife understand more than you know.” Ian said. “River, may I ask a personal question?”

“Go ahead and ask.” River replied.

“Has your mother ever told you anything about your father? Have you ever wondered where your father is? Do you resent your father for not being with you?”

“Mother never spoke about my father.” River said. “All I know is that there was a big storm that washed the village where mother lived. I figure that maybe my father drowned in the storm. I really have not thought about my father. Mother will tell me about my father when she is ready. I do not resent my father, because I do not know why he has not been in my life. Drone has been like a father to me; he saved my life and helped me to get my eyesight back. Mother will be in the big house in the weekend, she said she has something very important to tell me. Mother is very mysterious.”

Ian left River in front of the hospital, and went home to his wife. River met with Yurania Ylang and they went out to dinner.

The following Saturday Yamarah and Drone were waiting for River at the big house. Yamarah had also invited Ian, Marcella, and Nano.

River arrived with Yurania Ylang. “River, I would like to speak to you in private.” Yamarah said. “Let’s go into the Study and talk.”

Yamarah went into the Study; Yamarah closed the door and asked River to sit down. “It is time that I told you about your father.” Yamarah said. “Please just listen and when I am finished you can ask me whatever you wan to know.”

River sat down and Yamarah sat down next to him. “You may remember the story I had told about a storm washing out my parent’s home and the village that they lived in. A voice called to me from the cave and I was saved. Now I shall tell you the entire story and what had happened. When I was a very young girl, before the storm, I met a young man. We thought that we had fallen in love and in a moment of passion we made love. The young man left and I was devastated. I could not believe that he would leave me. I did not think for a moment that the young man was inexperienced. Months later I found out that I was pregnant. My father was very angry with me and I left. When the storm got bad and the flood started, I was almost swept away but lucky for me I was saved. Years later, your father appeared unexpectedly, he did not remember me; he did not know that he had a son. Had he known, he would have come back to take care of us. He spoke to me and explained that he was young, inexperienced and had never made love to any woman. He did not understand the consequences of having sex. The moment that he found out, he wanted to tell you that he is your father. I did not know how you were going to react, so I asked him to let me tell you before you met him. He wanted me to tell you before the wedding, but I asked him to wait. Your father is a good man, and I hope you forgive him for not being there for you when you were growing up. I hope you forgive me for waiting this long to tell you.”

River was quiet, he did not say anything, and He just stared at his mother. Finally River said. “My father is alive? Where is my father, who is he? Why did you not let me know sooner? I am freaking out!”

“Your father is waiting for you in the living room.” Yamarah said.

River walked out of the study and into the living room. “Are you my father Drone? River asked. “Is that why you have been helping me?”

Everyone just stared at River; Ian was surprised to hear his son think that Drone was his father.

What will happen when River finds out who his real father is? Will River accept Ian as his father?

Find out in Chapter 9.

RIVER PART II-Chapter 7- The Journey home

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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 7

The Journey home

Ian and Paulie were shocked; they could not believe what had just happened. Ian felt heartbroken for his son; he then realized that he loved Yamarah. Walking toward River Ian said. “I am so sorry River; I never imagined that this would happen.”

“Let’s go look for Yamarah’s body.” Drone said. We can give her a traditional Island burial.”

“No, my mother will not be buried here.” River said. “We will take her home and bury her there. You may have been her husband and you belong in this island, but my mother does not belong here. You can stay here if you wish Drone, but I am taking mother home.”

“I will go back with you River.” Drone said. “The villagers can take Leila’s body and bury her.”

River went to look over the cliff to see what was at the bottom and if he could see Yamarah‘s body, but all he saw was a body of a woman on top of rocks, “Drone there is only one body down there.” River said. “Where is the other?”

Drone, Ian, Paulie and the islanders looked down over the cliff. “The other body must be in the ground where the grass is.” One of the Islanders said.

Drone, River, Ian, and Paulie got ropes and the islanders climbed down the cliff. The first body they found was Leila. The islanders tied the body to a rope and pulled it up the cliff. Yamarah’s body could not be found. Everyone looked around.

‘Here she is over here.” One of the islanders said. She must have fallen on top of the trees, she is in the bushes.”

River took his mother’s body, and with Drone, Ian and Paulie’s help, they placed it in a blanket, and tied a rope around it. The islanders helped to pull Yamarah’s body up the cliff. Drone and River put Yamarah’s body in the boat.

“I am going to put her on my bed.” Drone said. “My wife is too beautiful to be placed in a bag. It will look like she is sleeping. I still can‘t believe that my beloved wife is dead.”

Drone carried his wife’s body to his room on the boat and placed her on the bed. Yamarah looked like she was sleeping.

“There was no blood in her body.” Drone said. “She must have internal injuries with such a big fall. Let‘s go get the rest of our things and we can go home today as planned.”

Drone went to say good-bye to the islanders who were placing Leila’s body in a raft and burn it as was their custom. All of a sudden there was an earthquake.

“Hurry River let’s get into the boat, before the tsunami gets here.” Drone said.” “Paulie untie the rope and get in the boat, Ian start the motor, River give me the fifth silver key hurry. Everyone sit down and buckle the seat belts. Drone put the key under the steering wheel and turned it. The boat went flying up seconds before the Giant wave covered the entire island taking everything in its path.

“Wow that was close“. Paulie said. “Another second and we would have been eaten by the tsunami. This is some fancy boat Drone; you made sure that we would be covered by Land Ocean and air. Your island is gone, I am so sorry.”

“It is sad for me to see my island gone.” Drone said. “At least River, Ian and you were saved, and we can go home. It is the least I can do for my beloved Yamarah.”

I also built this boat to be able to fly. We will be flying over the two islands. We cannot fly over the Triangle, I will land on the ocean and we can steer the boat home.”

“Will we fall asleep again?” Paulie asked.

“Yes it is necessary for us to be unconscious while the boat goes through the triangle. It is the only way, no one has even seen the inside of the triangle, and if they do, they will disappear forever. It cannot be explained but then I realized that I had slept while my boat crossed the triangle the first time I traveled to the other side of the cave. The old couple had also slept while their boat crossed the triangle.”

Drone landed the boat on the ocean and everyone sat down not knowing what to say to River. They knew River and Drone were hurting because of Yamarah’s death.

“I cannot believe that I came to rescue my mother and instead I am taking her lifeless body home.” River said.

“Ohh! Drone where are you?” A woman’s voice said.

The men were shocked. “Who is that? Paulie said. “Did you hear someone groaning?”

“Yes, and it is coming from Drones room.” Ian said.

River ran to Drone’s room, followed by the rest of the men. Yamarah was alive; she was trying to get up. “River my son what are you doing here?” Yamarah asked. What happened? Oh, my body hurts so much.”

“Mother! You are alive!” River screamed. “Oh God you are alive.”

River ran to hug his mother.

Drone, Ian and Paulie were shocked. “But how?” Drone said. “How could she have survived such a fall? It is a miracle.”

Drone hugged his wife with tears in his eyes, and said. “My love do you remember what happened?”

“All I remember was Leila giving me some berries.” Yamarah said. “I ate them and all went blank. Then I remember being pushed over a cliff and kept falling from one limb of the trees to another. The strange thing was that instead of tree branches, they were big hands, and then I landed on a cloud. I got up and looked around, but there was no one, an old couple suddenly appeared and told me that I had to return to my loved ones. What is going on what happened?”

“Mother, I am so happy that you are alive.” River said. “I do not care who or how, I am just glad that you are alive.”

“We will tell you later.” Drone said. “Just rest, so many things happened in the island. I am just glad that you are here with us.”

Yamarah looked around and said. “Are we on the boat? The tsunami swept the boat and destroyed it.”

“No, this is not the same boat.” Drone said. “I had built two boats, one for us to go the island and the other I left docked in case something happened; I left instructions for River to come rescue us.”

“Please tell me all that happened.” Yamarah said. “I want to get up and sit outside. I think I have rested enough. I am anxious to know what happened after I ate the berries.”

Drone and River helped Yamarah outside, they sat on the lounge chairs, and Drone told Yamarah everything that had happened.

Everyone then went to bed, they were tired.

“We will be near the Triangle in a couple of days.” Drone said. “Let’s just relax and enjoy the journey.”

“I can’t wait to get home.” Paulie said. “I miss Cachita and my parents.”

“I can’t wait to get home to see my family.” Ian said. “I can’t wait to see my granddaughter. Everyone must be worried about us. I am glad that Yamarah is walking home, instead of her body being carried in a casket. This is an adventure I will never forget.”

Two days later the boat was getting near the Triangle. “Yoly it is time for you to take over.” Drone said. “Everyone sit, buckle your seatbelts, recline the chairs, and relax. River gave the silver key to Drone, who inserted it in the keyhole next to the engine. Drone turned the key and everyone fell asleep.

The following day, everyone woke up, straightened their chairs, unbuckled the seat belts and walked outside. “Good morning everyone.” Yoly said.” We will be home in a couple of days. Everyone relax and enjoy the rest of the trip. I will steer the boat until we get home.”

The weather was beautiful and they finally reached their destination. The boat was docked in the same place that they began the journey. ”We have to hide the boat and make sure that no one ever sees it“. Drone said. “Everyone lets get off and go home.”

Everyone got off the boat. Once they walked off the pier, Drone took a remote control he had in his pocket, pressed a button and a big rock closed covering the boat.

“Now no one will see the boat.” Drone said. “Let’s go home.”

What adventures will follow River? Stay tune for Chapter 8

RIVER-PART II-Chapter 6-Journey to Najikala Island

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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 6

Journey to Najikala Island

“Wake up wake up! “Yoly said.

River opened his eyes, straightened the chair and unbuckled the seat belt. “Hey guys wake up.” River said.

Ian and Paulie woke up, straightened their chairs and unbuckled the seat belts.

“Where are we?” Paulie said.

 River got up and walked outside. “Hey guys, come out side". River said.

Ian and Paulie walked outside, and all that could be seen was water. The sun was out and the sky was clear. “Where can we be?” Ian asked. “Did we go through the Bermuda Triangle? But we are still alive.”

River walked back inside the boat and said. “Yoly, I want to know where we are at. No one has ever crossed the Triangle.”

“You are near the island of Najikala.” Yoly said. “We do not have far to go, eat your breakfast and I suggest that all of you relax. There are many dangers ahead of us. We have to go through two islands before we can get to Najikala. Once we get through the islands, we will be home free, and find Najikala.

The men went to take a shower and have breakfast. Several hours later, there was a light fog and an island could be seen. “What Island is that?” Paulie asked.”

“That is the island of Tirarroca.” Yoly said. “There is a giant mountain, and every hour rocks shoot in the air, and land far into the ocean destroying whatever they hit. We have to be careful not to get hit with any of them

“How are we going to avoid the rocks?” Ian asked.

“Take one of the keys.” Yoly said. “Place it in the keyhole next to the steering wheel, and turn it after we are out of the fog and before we reach the island. A giant shield will cover the boat protecting us from the rocks.

River walked back inside, took out another diamond key and placed it in the key hole next to the steering wheel, when they were clear of the fog, River immediately turned the key. They could not avoid the island because it was the only way to go to Najikala Island.

All of a sudden, big rocks began to appear in the air. “Dear God! “ Paulie said. “We are going to get killed here.”

The men ran for cover, but when the rock landed all that was heard was the boom, boom, of the rocks falling on top of the shield. River steered the boat away from the island safely. Once they were clear of the rocks, River turned the key and the shield was off. “That was scary.” River said. “But how did Drone survive all of this the first time he left Najikala Island? He will tell us when we find them, I guess.”

“OK, what’s next Yoly?” River asked.

“You relax, have dinner, and wait until tomorrow.” Yoly said.

“I thought you said that we are not far from Najikala Island.” Paulie said.

“We are not” Yoly said. “But we have to face each danger a day at a time. You have to give yourselves time to react, so you can be ready for what is ahead of us.”

“Yoly is right.” Ian said.” Those rocks were very scary. I am hungry and want to be ready for the next island.”

The following day, there was a beautiful island ahead. “That island does not look dangerous.” Paulie said. “Look at the beautiful rainbow surrounding it.”

“It is best that all of you stay inside.” Yoly said.” That rainbow is very dangerous. There is a giant octopus guarding the Island, and we have to pass through the rainbow to get to our destination. River, take one of the diamond keys, place it in the keyhole near the engine, when we are near the rainbow, turn it.

The boat went near the island and before they reached the rainbow, River turned the key and as they went through the rainbow, a huge octopus appeared out of the water.

“The men were petrified as they moved along the beast and it did nothing. It acted as if it did not see them. Once out of the Rainbow, away from the octopus and the island, Ian asked. “What happened? Did we go invisible?”

‘Yes, we did.” Yoly replied. “River you can turn the key back, the boat went invisible once the key was turned. Now we are on our way to Najikala Island.

Hours later the men saw an island ahead of them. “Is that Najikala Island?” River asked. “It looks so small.”

“Yes. Now you can continue operating the boat yourself River.” Yoly said. “I will help if I am needed.”

River took over, and as they neared the island, they saw people waving at them.

“I hope we find Mother and Drone there.” River said.

River docked the boat on the pier, and the island men tied the rope. River took the diamond keys and put them in his pocket. The men got out of the boat, looked around and saw big palm trees, they walked toward the trees, and a man appeared accompanied by other men, women and children. As the man got closer, River recognized him, it was Drone.

“Welcome to the island of Najikala.” Drone said, giving River a hug. “I am glad that you made it safely.”

“Where is my mother?” River said.

“Your mother is at our hut.” Drone replied. “She is waiting for you, but there is something I must tell you before you see her.”

“I want to see mother now.” River said. “Please take me to her. I have been worried about her. Where is the hut?”

“Our hut is straight ahead,” Drone said. “It is the one with the balcony in front, but before you see her.”

River did not listen to Drone and ran to the hut to see his mother. He saw Yamarah sitting in a rocker on the porch. Yamarah saw River and stood up. River ran and hugged his other. “Mother, I am so glad to see you.” River said. “I have missed you so much. I was worried when you did not, return from your honeymoon.”

River noticed that Yamarah did not hug him back and acted strange.” Mother what is wrong.” River said. “Are you alright, aren’t you glad to see me?”

“I’m sorry.” Yamarah said. “Are you the young man that my husband said is my son?”

Drone arrived at that moment and said. “River I was trying to tell you before you saw your mother, that she lost her memory. Come I will tell you more.”

Drone and River went out side, Paulie and Ian followed. Drone explained what had happened to Yamarah.

“When we started our journey,” Drone said. “I was prepared for all of the hazards that you encountered coming here. The old couple that I had told River and Paulie about, who had appeared to me in the cave was the spirits of my ancestors. They too had left the island, when they were young; they miraculously managed to survive the stones, and the giant octopus. I guess when I myself made the journey; I went to sleep and was lucky. The couple arrived at the other side of the cave. One day they found the cave, and the gold. They also found a strange mirror, and when they looked at it, they saw a fog and a strange face that said.” There is another entrance on the other side of this cave. The entrance can only be seen by the women who are with child and in need of getting out of the storms. They can live on the other side of the cave for as long as hey want. They can return to their world as long as they do not tell anyone about the cave. If anyone, that has never entered the cave, should enter, the entrance will disappear for ever. Only those who have lived and have been born in or on the other side of the cave will always see the cave and are allowed to enter it. The gold is yours to use as you please as long as no one else knows, until you die. Then your soul will stay in the cave until you find someone who is trustworthy. Once you find that person you give them the gold and your souls will be free. We died of old age, but our souls have been here waiting until now that you have arrived. You will now be responsible for the cave. The couple then vanished. The rest of the story I told River and Paulie the first time they went to my house. I then built the lab and made the video that you saw. I also built two big boats, one for me and the one that you came in. On our journey, Yamarah and I both got through both islands safely Yamarah and I decided to stay here a couple of weeks, for our honeymoon, The day before we were going to return home, there was a an earth quake, A giant tsunami wave hit the island and took our boat. Yamara, the islanders and I were saved, because we ran to one of the big mountains. The village was completely destroyed, and we had to rebuild our huts and everything else. The coconut palm trees were not washed away because they are strong trees. Yamarah and I were unable to return, but Yamarah and I knew that River would find us. One day Yamarah went for a walk, and I noticed that she did not come back. My people and I went to look or her and one of the boys found Yamarah wandering around the other side of the island near a waterfall and he brought her home. Yamarah was in a daze, I asked her what she was doing on the other side of the island by herself and she just looked at me. “I don’t know.” Yamarah said. “I don’t remember. I can’t remember anything. Who are you? What am I doing here?” The medicine man looked at her and noticed that she was holding something. Yamarah had the fruit of Faragula plant in her hands The Faragula looks like a blackberry, but it is red, and causes memory loss when eaten. Yamarah had eaten a Faragula fruit, and lost her memory. The effect can wear off in a week, but sometimes it may be permanent, according to how many she ate. We do not know how many she ate. I am hoping that when we go to the hospital in the city, they may be able to help her. We must prepare to leave as soon as possible. I have given Yamarah information about her life and about River and everyone else. Now let’s get back to Yamarah so she can get to know her son.”

The men went back to the hut and Drone introduced everyone to Yamarah,

“I am so glad to finally meet you River.” Yamarah said. “You are very handsome.”

“We have to pack and get ready to go home Yamarah.” Drone said. “It is best that we leave s soon as possible.”

“May we stay another day to get to know and see the island?” Paulie said. “Everything looks so beautiful here.”

“Yes, we can.” Drone said. “I am sure it will not hurt to stay another day.”

“Did you find your parents Drone?” River asked.

“My parents died many years ago.” Drone said. One of the elders said there was an earth quake, and a tsunami killed most of the people. No one had time to seek shelter, only those who live in the mountains were spared. We get a lot of storms in this island. That is also one of the reasons I want to leave here and take Yamarah to safety as soon as possible.”

“I am going for a walk.” Paulie said. “Don’t worry I will make sure I do not eat anything unless you or one of the islanders give it to me.”

“I will go with you.” Ian said.

Paulie and Ian went to see the island; one of the islanders accompanied them.

River and Yamarah also went for a walk, Drone stood home to get ready for their journey back home.

Two days later, Drone woke up to get ready for they journey home, Yamarah wasn’t in bed. “I guess Yamarah got up early, she must be getting ready for the trip.” Drone said. Drone went to the kitchen, Yamarah was not there. Drone went outside and River, Ian and Paulie were waiting for him and Yamarah.

“Have any of you seen Yamarah?” Drone asked. “She is not in the hut.”

“No we haven’t.” River replied. “We have been waiting for you to board the boat and go home.”

“Strange, maybe one of the islanders has seen her.” Drone said.

The men went to look for Yamarah and asked everyone if they had seen Yamarah. The boy that had found Yamarah when she had disappeared before said that he saw her. “Leila took her somewhere.” The boy said.

“Who is Leila?” Rive asked.

“She is one of the island girls.” Drone said. “Where would Leila take Yamarah knowing that we are leaving today?”

“Leila was headed toward the cliff.” The boy said. “Now that I remember, it was Leila that gave Yamarah some Farangula plants with lots of berries. Leila does not like Yamarah.”

Drone ran toward the cliff, “What is going on?” River asked.

”I think that Leila is going to do something bad.” The boy said.

River ran after Drone and Ian and Paulie followed them.

When Drone arrived he screamed. “Leila, no, don’t do it!”

Leila pushed Yamarah off the cliff.

“Noooo!” Drone yelled.

River froze when he saw his mother being pushed off the cliff, he could not move, all he said was. “Why?”

Drone grabbed Leila and shaking her asked. “Why? Why did you do that Leila?”

“I hated her.” Leila said. “I have always been in love with you ever since I was a young girl. When you left for the first time, my heart was broken. You never looked at me, I tried to get your attention but you ignored me. When I saw you come back, I was happy to see you, but you did not recognize me. Once again I was ignored by you. I never stopped loving you. When I saw your bride, I was heart broken again. I hated her; I gave her the Frangula plant and told her to eat the fruit. I thought that if she ate a lot she would die, instead she lost her memory. I knew that you were leaving again, so I decided that I was not going to let you wife take you away again. I saw when she got up early this morning and invited her to see something beautiful before she left. I led her here and decided to kill her.”

“Leila, I am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.” Drone said with tears in his eyes. “You have hurt me; you have killed the love of my life. Yamarah never meant you any harm. She was innocent. Now you will have to pay.”

“Is this what you brought my mother here for?” River screamed. “Oh my God, my mother is dead. River began to sob. “Mom, my beautiful and wonderful mother.” River said sobbing. “I have lost you.” River looked at Leila and said. “You monster, you killed my mother, an innocent woman who never hurt anyone. Now I am going to make you pay.” Leila got scared and went to run, but she forgot that she was at the edge of the cliff and went flying off the cliff to her death.

What is going to happen next? Stay tune for chapter 7

RIVER-PART II-Chapter 5- The Quest to find Najikala Island

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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 5

The quest to find Najikala Island

“This looks like a space laboratory of some sort.” Ian said. “Look at those computers and buttons.”

River turned the big computer in the middle on; there was a video recording of Drone saying. “This video is meant for River to see in the event that Yamarah and I have not returned home. I gave Andric instructions not to give the paper with the map to anyone unless we did not return home in a reasonable time. Before I continue to speak, I would like to apologize to River for not telling him where we were going for our honeymoon. Yamarah did not know our destination until we boarded the boa. I also asked Yamarah if she was willing to go with me. I did not want her to feel obligated to come with me. Yamarah was very happy to come with me. I am sure Andric told you about the island. I have been wondering for years how to come back to my island. One day I decided to build this laboratory and bought the equipment necessary to build a satellite to find my island. Lat year, I finally found it and planned the trip to go see my family and people. I never thought that I would be going back to my island with a wife. I did not realize or forgot how dangerous these ocean waters are. I made sure the boat for your trip is strong and safe, but one never knows. That is why I left instructions for you to find this lab and follow the instructions, to come and find us. I promise you River, that I will never let anything happen to your mother. On the beachside near the mountains there is a big boat. The boat is hidden between two large caves, it is very well equipped with all the modern technology, GPS, and living accommodations’ you will be very comfortable. There are different color buttons on the left of this computer, press the green button and a drawer will come out, it is a safe, open it by pressing the yellow button once, the green button three times and the red button once. There are 5 pieces of different size diamond keys. Take the keys with you. You will connect each to its different keyhole on the boat. When you get to the boat you will find everything you need and figure all out for yourself. Do not let anyone see you. Only whoever will be traveling with you. The computer will give you further instructions on how to operate the boat. Open it when you leave here, remember to turn off everything and close everything else. Have a safe trip, and I hope that you find us and we are all safe. God bless.”

The video turned off and the computer then showed them the picture of where the island was. “That is a very tiny island.” River said. “I hope we find it.”

“That will be an adventure for us.” Paulie said.

“Lets read all the instructions and make sure we do everything right.” Ian said

The men read all the instructions, opened the safe, got the diamond keys, made sure everything was turned off, closed everything and left.

“We can start our journey early tomorrow morning.” Ian said. “We don’t know how long we will be away. We can stay in Drones cabin for tonight.”

“Good idea.” Paulie said. “I can go to my parents and say good bye.”

“No Paulie, you cannot say anything to anyone.” River said. “Not even your parents. We all stay in the cabin and go before dawn. No one will see us get to the boat, your parents know we are going away, let them think that we left.”

Everyone got ready and went to bed early. River got up before dawn and woke up Paulie and Ian. The three men walked down the mountain, walked across the beach front, found the cave, and the boat.

“Wow! That’s a big boat.” Paulie said.

“Let’s board the boat and get out of here as soon as we can.” River said. “We don’t want anyone seeing us.”

The three men boarded the boat. They looked all over the boat.

“This is more than a boat,” Ian said. “It has everything, a kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and a bathroom in each room. It has all the amenities a yacht has.

Let’s go see how we are going to steer this boat.”

“Drone sure said it right when he said this boat had the most modern technology equipment.” Paulie said. “Do you know how to operate all them Gadgets River?

“The instructions were very simple.” River said. “Besides, the boat has an automatic pilot. We turn it on when we go to sleep or eat.”

“Don’t worry Paulie.” Ian said, “I know how to operate it. I have sailed ships before. Now let’s star this boat and get out of here before anyone sees us. River, you turn the boat on, Paulie go untie the ropes, and I will pull the anchor up.”

River used the Diamond key that fit in the ignition and turned the boat on, Paulie untied the ropes, and Ian pulled the anchor up. River noticed two different keyholes, one next to the engine and one next to the steering wheel. “Two of the keys must belong to those keyholes.” River said. “I wonder where the other two key belong.”

“I will tell you in due time.” “A woman’s voice was heard.

“Whoa! Who said that?” Paulie said.

“It is me the computer on the boat. My name is Yoly. I will be giving you instructions when you need them. I was built to help find different islands via satellite. I only operate when the diamond keys are used, or when the secret code is used. Only Drone knows the code and it is written on a secret place. Now relax and enjoy the ride. Yes, humor is also in one of my circuits.”

The boat sailed far into the ocean before anyone noticed it. The sea was tranquil, the sun was shining, and the fish could be seen jumping out of the water. Farther and farther into the sea, the whales and other giant fish were seen, it was a beautiful sight. The men had lunch and relaxed, River read the navigating charts on the computer, and the day went smooth. River told Yoly to take over and went to bed.

Days passed and the ocean began to get rough, the waves began to get bigger and there was no sign of land. The boat began to sway, rain began to fall and there was a lot of thunder and lightning. “We are having a big storm.” Ian said. I hope it is not bad.”

“Do you have any idea where we are?” Paulie asked.

“No I don’t.” River said. “Yoly where are we? We have been traveling for days and there is no island in sight.”

“We are entering the Bermuda triangle.” Yoly said. “There is much danger in front of us“

“The Bermuda triangle!” Ian exclaimed. “We can’t go through the Bermuda triangle, every ship or plane that has gone through it has disappeared.”

“The only way to find Najikala Island is through the Bermuda Triangle.” Yoly said.

“No wonder mother and Drone disappeared.” River said. They must have disappeared like everything else. But how are we going to get them?”

“Not to worry River.” Yoly said. I will navigate the ship while all of you sleep.”

“Sleep? You expect us to sleep while you go through the triangle?” Paulie asked.

“My instructions were to take the boat to Najikala Island,” Yoly said. “What you do is your business.

The storm got worse, the thunder and lightning got stronger and the boat began to move from side to side. Ian and Paulie went out to the deck and a big wave slammed on the boat. Giant waves began to appear, and the boat began to fiercely sway back and forth. Ian and Paulie returned to the bridge and closed the door.

“Wow, this storm is bad.” Paulie said.

“Feels like a hurricane.” Ian said

“River, take one of the diamond keys and insert it in the keyhole next to the engine. Turn it to the right, then sit on the chair and fasten your seatbelt. River did as he was told; Ian and Paulie got on the seats and fastened their seat belts. River began to get sleepy. “Ian, I am getting so sleepy.” River said. “. “I can’t keep my eyes open.”

“Me too.” Ian said. “What is going on?”

“Yoly said that we were approaching the Bermuda Triangle.” Paulie said. “She also said that we were going to sleep. What is going on Yoly? What did you do to us? I don’t want to go to sleep.”

“Yes we are going through the Bermuda triangle.” Yoly said. “It is too dangerous while we are going through the Bermuda Triangle for you to be awake. Good night.”

All three chairs leaned back and the men fell asleep.

What is happening? It has been said that anyone attempting to cross the Bermuda Triangle has disappeared. Will the boat with River, Ian and Paulie disappear too?

Stay tuned for chapter 6 to find out.