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Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree-Chapter 6

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on October 26, 2013 at 1:55 PM

Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 6

Xantara is acknowledged


Shamuel had kept Xantara’s wheeled box, and later, out of curiosity, decided to look through it to find out if she had any relatives. When he looked inside the box, the first thing he found was a picture of him and his sisters and brothers. That’s when he realized that the old woman was his Mother. Abelia, the oldest daughter, and Jediah the oldest son decided to investigate and found out that it was their Mother who had bought and fixed the house, Sinbad then confessed that it was Xantara who helped him to become a success and he took her house away from her. Sinbad told the truth of the

treachery he and the woman did, and how he never sent money for their education. Xantara’s children felt guilty for abandoning their mother when she most needed them. Everyone who thought that it was Sinbad and others who did all the good things felt very bad for not acknowledging Xantara’s hard work.

The willow tree, that Xantara had planted and nurtured, sprouted and grew, every time it started to bend, Xantara straightened it out, which is what she did with her kids, everything she touched and did for others.

Xantara died, sacrificing her sanity, career, life, and freedom.

Xantara’s children, Abelia, Jediah, Etta, Sarit, Uziel, and Shamuel went to Xantara’s grave. “I am so sorry, dear Mother.” Abelia said. “We were so inconsiderate and took you for granted. How can we have forgotten the sacrifices you made for us?"

“It was you who gave us our education.” Jediah said.

“It is because of you that we are all a success.” Etta said.

“We were lied to, I was younger and you told us the house had bugs.” Sarit said.

“You never told us what had really happened.” Uziel said. “You were thrown out of your house. Father betrayed you. The house was truly yours. Father paid lawyers to get you out of the house, the woman was his mistress.”

“How I must have hurt you when I said all those things before you walked out and got killed by the truck.” Shamuel said. “Now the truth is known, but it is too late, for you are gone.”

A bright light appeared and Xantara’s spirit was standing near the willow tree. ”It is never too late.” Xantara said. “I did not care about the sacrifices I made, the love for my children was worth all sacrifices. Everything I did, and everyone I helped I did with pleasure. I accepted all as part of life. Go live your life and teach your kids to be good. I just got my reward. You and everyone have acknowledged my deeds. I have my children’s love, Now my weeping willow and I will weep no more. I love you and God bless you all.”

Xantara’s spirit disappeared and beautiful white and pink flowers began to bloom

from the weeping willow tree. Xantara and the weeping willow tree, will weep no more.

Time went by and Etta had a little girl she named Xantara who looked just like her grandmother. Xantara loved to go to her grandmother’s grave and watered the weeping willow. Xantara was very attracted to the tree. “I feel as though I have been here before.” Xantara said. I wonder if it would be disrespectful to take this tree and transplanted in my house.”

“You can.” A man’s voice was heard. “But I do not think the tree will survive or be happy.”

Xantara turned around and there was a very handsome young man standing in front of her. “Who are you?” Xantara asked. “I did not ask you for your opinion.”

“My apologies Mam!” The young man replied. “My name is Mathew; I did not mean to interrupt. I just wanted to give my opinion is all. I will be going on my way.”

“Wait! Don’t go!” Xantara said. “I’m sorry I did not mean to be rude. My name is Xantara. My grandmother planted this tree here; she is buried next to it. It’s just that for some reason, I’m very attracted to it.”

Xantara and the young man continued to talk and became good friends.

Sometimes children forget the truth about their parents, either because they were too young to remember, or they were told a different story and they would rather believe the stories they were told than to remember the truth. In the end, the truth always comes out.



The End



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