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Life and the unexpected

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on September 26, 2020 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I always hope for the best and expect the unexpected. I never expected to go through this pandemic, having to put on a mask, avoid going out if I can, and not be able to go see my children.

I never expected to have A President of the United States like the one we have. Donald Trump bought back racism, the KKK, caged immigrant children, inults whomever does not agrre with him. There are more, but I am not writing about politics.

I am a survivor who refuses to give up. Once I give up, I feel that my children and followers may give up.  I am leaving a good legacy to my children.  My dream of becoming a Published Author has been granted. Now I want to be a best selling author once I get a New Publisher.  I want my famiky to be proud of me, my grandchikdren have my genes, Gods bless them.

My sacrifices have not been in vain

Remember to follow your dreams and make them come true. Only you can do for you.




Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on July 10, 2014 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

People have a habit of judging others and forgetting who and what they were, who they started with, where they lived. The past should teach us how to be better human beings, understand others, for no one knows what we went through, what we have done and s and why! I have seen so many belittle and be embarrassed by others who forget that they were there once and were even worse. I believe in giving others who actually need help a chance to go after their dreams. If you will read my book, RUTH MINERVA, you will understand. Although I can proudly say with my head held up, that I have nothing to be ashamed of, and no regrets. I helped many people who were lost, drug addict, delinquents, and with other problem, become the mature responsible men and women they are today. When everyone gave up on them I didn’t.

No one wants the responsibility of taking care of a family of two adults and 4 children. I know, because it happened to me, then I had my fifth. The mother can‘t find a baby sitter for her kids, so it‘s hard for her to go to work. With all her education, she is unable to work unless she finds a baby sitter. Then we have the father, who with all his education cannot find a job, either because he was a delinquent, he is overqualified, and jobs are hard to find.

Bad people are not always bad, Give them a chance who knows, they might turn out better than expected. Single mothers can raise their children as well as married mothers, unmarried couples can sometimes be better parents than those who are married, no divorce! Couples can help each other raise their children, like the Brady Bunch, lol.

Who are those who lived with addicts and drunks who stole from the family, to judge others? Who are those who are those who played their spouses dirty? So what that the races are mixed, we are all humans. I like my Oreos with the vanilla cream inside, and I like smores, lol. Who are those who have high college degrees and are either still home watching TV, playing games, living off your wives, playing housewife? Who are many of who are you, those who control your spouse? Who are any of you to judge anyone else, instead of doing something for you? Remember I know who came from where!

I have been there and will help those who need me. I now have a wonderful husband who loves me, I survived all and am proud to say, that I have a wonderful family. They are not perfect, but they are mine! I keep getting great-grands and my life keeps shining.

I am not writing this comment about anyone in particular, there are many with this problem, but if the shoe fits, wear it! I just can’t keep quiet after I hear people talking about others, especially people who are in need. Take a good look in the mirror.


Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree-Chapter 6

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on October 26, 2013 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 6

Xantara is acknowledged


Shamuel had kept Xantara’s wheeled box, and later, out of curiosity, decided to look through it to find out if she had any relatives. When he looked inside the box, the first thing he found was a picture of him and his sisters and brothers. That’s when he realized that the old woman was his Mother. Abelia, the oldest daughter, and Jediah the oldest son decided to investigate and found out that it was their Mother who had bought and fixed the house, Sinbad then confessed that it was Xantara who helped him to become a success and he took her house away from her. Sinbad told the truth of the

treachery he and the woman did, and how he never sent money for their education. Xantara’s children felt guilty for abandoning their mother when she most needed them. Everyone who thought that it was Sinbad and others who did all the good things felt very bad for not acknowledging Xantara’s hard work.

The willow tree, that Xantara had planted and nurtured, sprouted and grew, every time it started to bend, Xantara straightened it out, which is what she did with her kids, everything she touched and did for others.

Xantara died, sacrificing her sanity, career, life, and freedom.

Xantara’s children, Abelia, Jediah, Etta, Sarit, Uziel, and Shamuel went to Xantara’s grave. “I am so sorry, dear Mother.” Abelia said. “We were so inconsiderate and took you for granted. How can we have forgotten the sacrifices you made for us?"

“It was you who gave us our education.” Jediah said.

“It is because of you that we are all a success.” Etta said.

“We were lied to, I was younger and you told us the house had bugs.” Sarit said.

“You never told us what had really happened.” Uziel said. “You were thrown out of your house. Father betrayed you. The house was truly yours. Father paid lawyers to get you out of the house, the woman was his mistress.”

“How I must have hurt you when I said all those things before you walked out and got killed by the truck.” Shamuel said. “Now the truth is known, but it is too late, for you are gone.”

A bright light appeared and Xantara’s spirit was standing near the willow tree. ”It is never too late.” Xantara said. “I did not care about the sacrifices I made, the love for my children was worth all sacrifices. Everything I did, and everyone I helped I did with pleasure. I accepted all as part of life. Go live your life and teach your kids to be good. I just got my reward. You and everyone have acknowledged my deeds. I have my children’s love, Now my weeping willow and I will weep no more. I love you and God bless you all.”

Xantara’s spirit disappeared and beautiful white and pink flowers began to bloom

from the weeping willow tree. Xantara and the weeping willow tree, will weep no more.

Time went by and Etta had a little girl she named Xantara who looked just like her grandmother. Xantara loved to go to her grandmother’s grave and watered the weeping willow. Xantara was very attracted to the tree. “I feel as though I have been here before.” Xantara said. I wonder if it would be disrespectful to take this tree and transplanted in my house.”

“You can.” A man’s voice was heard. “But I do not think the tree will survive or be happy.”

Xantara turned around and there was a very handsome young man standing in front of her. “Who are you?” Xantara asked. “I did not ask you for your opinion.”

“My apologies Mam!” The young man replied. “My name is Mathew; I did not mean to interrupt. I just wanted to give my opinion is all. I will be going on my way.”

“Wait! Don’t go!” Xantara said. “I’m sorry I did not mean to be rude. My name is Xantara. My grandmother planted this tree here; she is buried next to it. It’s just that for some reason, I’m very attracted to it.”

Xantara and the young man continued to talk and became good friends.

Sometimes children forget the truth about their parents, either because they were too young to remember, or they were told a different story and they would rather believe the stories they were told than to remember the truth. In the end, the truth always comes out.



The End



Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree-Chapter 5

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on October 20, 2013 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 5

The encounter with her son

One day, Xantara was walking along the sidewalk, when two children ran and knocked her down. “OH! I am sorry lady.” A young man said. “These kids are so reckless. Here let me help you up.”

The young man helped Xantara up, and when she looked it was her youngest son Shamuel. He did not recognize her. Xantara was surprised and overwhelmed, but did not say anything, took her wheeled box and left. Xantara did not want her son to see her the way she looks.

“Strange I feel like I know that woman.” Shamuel said. “I felt like something hit my chest.” The young man took the children’s hand and continued his journey.

Xantara was overwhelmed to see her son, and grandchildren she has never met. The next day, Xantara decided to walk past her old house to see how things were. She knew no one would recognize her. Walking near the house, she saw Sinbad, who had aged quickly, walking slowly toward his car.

“Hello lady, who are you?” A little boy said, “Are you lost?”

Xantara turned around and it was one of the children that made her fall on the street. “Hello young man.” Xantara replied. “No, I am just looking at that house. It reminds me of the one that I had. Do you live here?”

“Oh no!” The little boy replied. “This is my grandpa’s house. We are just visiting.”

Shamuel walked outside and when he saw Xantara with his son, he said. “Is he bothering you ma’m? Aren’t you the lady we met, the one my children knocked to the ground?”

Xantara looked down not wanting her son to recognize her and said. “Yes, I was wondering who lives here. I used to live around here at one time.”

“My father lives here.” Shamuel said.” He told us my mother left him and he met another lady who helped him out. We lived with my mother until we grew up, and when we went back to see her, she had left the apartment without telling anyone. Father helped my mother, and one day she just left taking us with her. We don’t remember much of what happened. Mother said we had to leave the house because it was infested with bugs.

Father also told us that he sent mother money for our education, and thanks to him we were able to get a good education and have a good life. I guess she did not love us enough when she disappeared.”

Xantara had to hold in her tears, her children forgot that it was her who took them to school, and their father was never round. They forgot that she had to clean houses and do odd jobs to support them, because she was suspended at her job for taking them with her. They all left her after they finished school and never returned. Xantara walked away not saying a word.”

“Wait lady!” Shamuel said. “Who are you? Do you need any help?”

“I am a nobody that you or anyone is concerned with.” Xantara said. “Good bye.” Xantara hurried off, before her son saw her tears, crossing the street without looking, all of a sudden a speeding truck was approaching and struck her. Xantara flew in

the air and her body slammed against the floor. Shamuel called an ambulance and Xantara was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Xantara’s body was buried under the big willow tree that she had planted. Every day it was said that a weeping voice was heard at the same hour Xantara died.

Stay tuned for Chapter 6. The end is not always a happy one.



Xantara and the Weeping Willow- Chapters 3 and 4

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on October 11, 2013 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

                                                  Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree

                                                        By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

                                                                    Chapters 3 and 4


Chapter 3

It Continues


Xantara was older and sick, she could no longer work, she was back on the street, she was thrown out of the apartment, because a rich company had bought it and the building was demolished to make room for an office building.

Xantara found a wooden box with wheels and she uses it to put her belongings, she carries a picture of her children and wonders where they are.

Sinbad was very happy with the woman who had been his mistress for a long

time. Sinbad and the woman had plotted to get Xantara out of the house. Sinbad had paid a lawyer to fake the papers; the woman was not the owner’s daughter. Everyone raved about how beautiful the house was, the beautiful job that Sinbad had done with it, and how intelligent and successful he was. There was no acknowledgement that it was Xantara who did it all, sending Sinbad to school and turning him into a successful man.

Xantara’s children were all successful, and they led a successful life, forgetting that it was their mother who helped them.




Chapter 4

The Weeping Willow tree


Xantara walked around the streets and sat on a rock near the yard of an old building, looking at the floor she found a young weeping willow tree. “Poor weeping willow baby.” Xantara said. “You have been abandoned just like me. I will take you out of there and plant you somewhere else where you can be seen.” Xantara continued to walk, carrying the small weeping willow tree. Xantara went inside the cemetery, and walked to the top of the hill. “ I will plant you here my Weeping Willow.” Xantara said. “For some day, I too will be buried here. I only hope to be buried under you so we can weep together. When our weeping stops, you will have beautiful blooming flowers that

no one has ever seen before. That will mean that we have finally stopped weeping and will forever be happy .” Xantara planted the weeping willow , watered it and walked out of the cemetery.

What will happen next? Stay tuned for the next chapter.



XANTARA and the Weeping Wilow Tree- Chapter 2

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on October 5, 2013 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 2

Xantara meets Sinbad


Xantara was in the living room cleaning, and she heard some one knocking on the door. Xantara opened the door, it was a young man. “I am looking for a job, as a gardener, or a handyman.” The young man said. “I am looking for jobs to feed myself and be able to pay my furnished room Ma’m.”

“Actually, I do need someone to take care of my garden and need some repairs done.” Xantara said. “But I cannot pay you much since I am new here and just started working.”

“I will accept anything you can afford to pay me “The young man said.

“Well, there is a small shack in the back.” Xantara said. “You can fix it, and live there rent free. That will be part of your salary.”

“That will be fine Ma’m.” The young man said. “I will be here early in the morning.”

“I will need to know your name young Mr.” Xantara said.

“My name is Sinbad.” The young man replied. “Bye”

The following morning Sinbad arrived early, Xantara showed him where the

shack was. Sinbad fixed the shack. Xantara bought some furniture for the shack.

“Sinbad, will you go to the hardware store and get me some materials I need for the bathroom?” Xantara asked. “I left the list on the kitchen counter for you to read and see if there is anything else that is need.”

Sinbad looked at Xantara and said with a shy voice. “Ma’m, I can’t read. My momma never let me go to school. My papa left her when I was a little boy and she never let me go nowhere. Momma got sick, died and I had to care for myself.”

Xantara sent Sinbad to school, where he learned to read and write. He became an architect and found employment in a big Corporation. Xantara and Sinbad fell in love, got married, and they had six beautiful children, three boys and three girls.

Everything was going good until one day; a woman appeared with a man, and a Police Officer. Xantara thought that something bad had happened to one of her children in school. To her surprise, the woman informed Xantara, that her father had died and, that she was the real owner of the house.

“It can’t be!” Xantara said. When I inquired at the Town all, I was told that the owner of the house died and had no heirs. I paid for the back taxes and they gave me the deed to the house.”

“My father forgot that he had a daughter, I did not know that he had died until recently.” The woman said. “The man with me is my lawyer; he can give you more details. I want my house empty by tomorrow morning.”

“I am not leaving this house.” Xantara said. “I am going to Town Hall to investigate all about this.”

“Madam, you have to leave today.” The woman said. “I have legal papers that say, that this is my house and if you do not leave, the Officer will force you to leave.”

“But I can’t leave now!” Xantara exclaimed. “I have nowhere to go and my children will be on the street. Give me a chance to find out, there has to be a mistake

somewhere. Give me time to get a place for my kids.”

The Police Officer approached Xantara and said. “Madam you have to leave now or I will force you to leave. I am sorry.”

Xantara took her clothes and her children’s clothes, she took whatever she could put it in the car, went to Town Hall, and was informed that all was true according to the woman’s legal papers.

Xantara then went to school to pick her children up. When she called Sinbad, he said he was not going with her. ”I do not want to live with you any more. I am going to live in the house with the woman who owns what used to be our house. I don’t love you any more.”

Xantara could not believe what was happening to her. That night Xantara and her children slept in a hotel. When the children asked about their dad, Xantara told them he was on a long vacation, and she also told them they had to move because the house had bugs.

Xantara found an apartment and when she went to get money for the rent and deposit, she found that her bank account was empty and her credit cards had been transferred in her husbands name only. The hotel manager felt sorry for her and let her stay at the hotel until she got paid. Xantara took her children to school then left them in  the lobby at her office until she got out of work.

Xantara then found another apartment and moved in with her children. One morning her boss informed Xantara, that people were complaining about her leaving her children in the lobby and told her she was suspended from work until she found a solution.

Xantara could not find a baby sitter for six young kids, and had no money. Finally Xantara had to sell her car to be able to feed her children. Xantara began to do odd jobs like cleaning, taking care of old people, walking dogs, delivered newspapers to earn money. This was the only way that she was able earn money while her kids went to school.

Xantara taught her children to be good and had always found a way to give them what they needed. She left her career and all for her children. One by one Xantara’s children graduated from college and they either got married or left to live on their own.


What happens to Xantara next? Stay tuned for Chapter 3 coming soon!




XANTARA and the Weeping Willow Tree-Chapter 1

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on October 5, 2013 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 1

How it began


Xantara was wandering in the street, homeless and hungry dressed in wrinkled jeans, an old worn red, sleeve blouse, worn out sandals. and messed up white hair, Carrying her only possessions in a wooden cart. Life had been hard, having no one to care for her. Remembering her children who had abandoned her, and everything she had build had been taken away from her.

It began when Xantara was a teenager, her parent’s died in their home. There was an explosion and the house burned down. Xantara found herself in the street for months. Walking along the street, Xantara saw an old broken house, the door was unlocked and she went inside the house. “Looks like this house has been abandoned.” Xantara said softly. “It is so big, it is a beautiful house once it is fixed. I think I will stay the night in here, I hope no one minds.” Xantara walked into one of the rooms, and fell asleep on the floor .Waking up early in the morning, Xantara walked outside to the yard. “My goodness this yard is huge.” Xantara said. “I wonder if this house has an owner!” There was an apple tree full of apples, and other fruit trees in the yard. It was an orchard. Xantara was so hungry she picked some fruits and ate them. “I wonder if the well in the

back has any water.” Xantara said. Throwing the bucket hanging near the well, when

Xantara pulled it up, there was water, and she drank, quenching her thirst.

Xantara found a broom, and mop in the kitchen, other cleaning utensils and cleaned the house a bit. “I think I will stay here until the owner or someone comes to tell me to move.” Xantara said, “I have no where else to go so there is nothing to lose. I have fruits to eat and water to drink. I can make a small fire and cook whatever vegetables I find in the garden. I will get a job and make good money. Then I will find a way to buy this house.”

Xantara cleaned herself, went to the nearby church where they had clothes for charity, got herself clothes and shoes, dressed presentable and applied for a job at a reputable Magazine company as a cleaning lady. When the receptionist read her resume, she referred Xantara to the executive office, where she was given the position as assistant to the executive editor. Before being thrown to the street, Xantara was in college, and loved writing, she had become editor of the college newspaper. Xantara had been given an internship at the hometown Newspaper, assisting the editor in chief. When her parents died, Xantara could not continue to go to college, she had no money to pay for it, and she also lost the internship. Now, with her new job, Xantara would be able to continue her career and buy the house.

Xantara went to the housing department and found out that the owner of the house had died, and the house was abandoned. The taxes had not been paid, so the government took over the house. No one bought it because the repairs were too expensive. Xantara, paid the taxes owed and was given the deed to the house. Xantara

paid for repairs on the house and the property, she had also bought new clothing, got her

driver’s license and bought a car.

Everyone admired the house and Xantara was happy, she was no longer homeless and had a good job.

What happens next? Find out in Chapter 2, when she meets Sinbad.




RIVER-PART II-Chapter 17- The wedding part II

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on March 24, 2013 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (1)


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 17

The Wedding part-II

Yurania Ylang and River recited their wedding vows, the ceremony was concluded and the bride and groom kissed. Everyone then went to the reception, being held at the big house, under a large tent in the garden. Everything had been decorated beautifully. Christmas flowers decorated the surroundings of the reception area. The bridal table was beautifully decorated with souvenirs, with glass bells, and glass bride and groom figurines dancing together, white glass balls hanging from the roof, white candles on top of the tables adorned with white Christmas flowers, and bright lights around the table. The cake was exquisite, a four tier cake with a bridge on top and a small gazebo holding the bride and groom dolls. The bridal party dolls were delicately placed on stairs leading to the bottom of the cake. The cake had glass pearls around it, and the guest tables had lights around the table covers. The entire guests were seated and the bridal music began. The bridal party entered and paraded to the tables, and the announcer introduced the Bridal couple who began to dance to the wedding waltz. Yurania Ylang’s parents then danced with the bride and groom, then Drone and Yamarah cut in to dance with the married couple. Everyone then began to dance, and were enjoying themselves.

Yurania Ylang and River were overwhelmed and happy to finally be married.

“I can’t believe that we are now husband and wife.” River said. “I remember the first time that I heard your voice Ylang, I felt a thump in my heart. When I regained my eyesight and did not see you, I thought that the world had crumbled beneath me. Now you are my wife.”

“Yes my loving husband.” Yurania Ylang said. “I remember you sitting on the bench every night. I fell in love with you when I saw you. I felt selfish when I found out that you were going to be able to see again. I thought that once you saw how fat I was, you would not want me. Our love is pure and clean. I am so glad that we are finally husband and wife. I love you so much.”

The music stopped, and Yurania Ylang walked to the platform where the musicians were, faced the musicians and threw the bridal bouquet over her head. One of the bridesmaids caught it. River then led Yurania Ylang to a chair where Yuraia Ylang sat down. One of the bridegrooms kneeled in front of Yurania Ylang, as Cachita put a blindfold on Yurania Ylang’s face. Once River knew that Yurania Ylang could not see, he switched places with the bridegroom. River proceeded to move his hands over Yurania Ylang’s leg to remove the garter from her leg. River started caressing Yurania Ylang’s thighs slowly as he took the garter off. Yurania Ylang thought that it was the bridegroom’s hand moved it away, and took off the blindfold. Everyone began to laugh when Yurania Ylang realized that it was River removing the garter.

River then faced the musicians and threw the garter over his head. One of the young men at the reception caught the garter and put it on the bridesmaid who had caught the bouquet as it is the custom. River and Yuraia Ylang cut a piece of the wedding cake and gave each other a piece. The souvenirs were handed out, and everyone toasted to the wedded couple.

River and Yurania Ylang changed clothes; it was time for them to go on their honeymoon. River and Yurania Ylang kissed their parents Good-bye, got on their car and left for their honeymoon. Everyone else continued to enjoy the reception.

All of a sudden, Brutus appeared growling, and the guests were frightened. “Do not be frightened.” Drone said. “That is my bear friend Brutus. What’s the matter Brutus? Why are you growling, interrupting, and frightening the guests?”

All of a sudden Brutus’s family began to run and Brutus followed them.

“Mommy, mommy look!” Rosina cried. “Look up in the sky, there’s fire!”

Cachita and everyone looked up and saw balls of flames in the sky. Everyone was terrified; Drone asked them all to be calm, but as the flames hit the ground the earth began to explode. Drone then realized that there was danger. He advised everyone to get in their cars and follow him. Paulie and Cachita carried their girls to the limousine, followed by Cachita’s parents, Paulie’s parents, Ian and his family followed, Yamarah and Yurania Ylang’s family went with Drone, and everyone else followed them.

“Where are we going Drone?” Yamarah asked. “What is going on?”

The homes and everything began to burn. Everything was dark. “

There were cars exploding, people screaming and running from the flames. No one knew what was happening.

“I m going to lead everyone that we can into the cave.” Drone said. “This is either meteors falling from the sky or missiles being thrown. We have no time to waste; we must get out of here.”

Drone stopped in front of the cave and said. “Every one, please follow Paulie into the cave. Do not ask questions.

Paulie picked the torches and lit them, everyone followed them.

“Hurry, Paulie.” Drone said. “We must get as many of these people inside the cave before the entrance is sealed.”

Everyone ran as fast as they could. Ian and the other men made torches and lit them to light the way out of the cave. Everyone followed directions until they got to the other side of the cave. The fireballs kept falling, burning and destroying everything in the way. Drone knew that it would be minutes before the cave entrance would be sealed and ran inside the cave.

“Drone, please help me!.” Yamarah screamed.

Drone thought that Yamarah had already entered the cave. “Yamarah, is that you?” Drone asked. “Where are you?”

“I am here next too the entrance.” Yamarah cried. “I sprained my ankle and cannot walk.”

Drone went outside the cave and saw Yamarah. “Hold on, I’m coming to get you.” Drone screamed.

Drone ran to get Yamarah and a ball of fire fell in front of the cave. Drone picked Yamarah up, and carried her across the fire and into the cave. Just as Drone went into the cave, the rocks began to fall, sealing the entire entrance to the cave.

Ian and Andric had walked back to make sure that everyone was safe, saw when Drone ran inside the cave and the rocks sealed the entrance leaving many other people behind.

“Drone, Yamarah, are you alright?” Ian asked.

“My ankle sprained as I was running to get into the cave.” Yamarah replied.

“What were you still doing out there?” Drone asked. “I thought you were with Paulie.”

I was waiting to see if I would see River and Yuraia Ylang.” Yamarah replied.

“My God, my son is still out there! He is supposed to be going on his honeymoon and this horrible thing happens. I have lost my son!”

Yamarah began to cry inconsolably. Drone did not know what to say.

“What is happening?” Yamarah cried. “Where did those fireballs come from?”

“Let’s just continue to go to the other side my love.” Drone said.

Ian and Andric helped Drone to carry Yamarah. Brutus appeared and stood I front of them, licking Yamarah. Drone understood that Brutus wanted Yamarah to get on top of him so that he could carry her across the cave. The men helped Yamarah to get on top of Brutus and they continued to go across the cave.

Everyone had finally crossed the cave and were on the other side, waiting for Drone. Paulie’s parents had been right not to move to the city, they still had their house, where they, Paulie, Cachita, and the twins were able to live.

Drone and Yamarah then led the others to the big house that he had built next to their cabin. Those who had never been to the other side of the cave were surprised.

“I know that many of you are surprised to see this part of the country” Drone said “I I was surprised when I accidentally walked into the cave many years ago. I will explain all about it when we are all relaxed and settled. I do not know what has happened and am shocked. I am sorry for those of you who were unable to bring your loved ones. Our Son River and his wife Yurania Ylang were just married; they were on their way to their honeymoon. We do not know how they are. We do not know where those fireballs came from. Maybe it was a meteor that fell on earth or missiles thrown by enemies. Whatever it is, the cave entrance has been sealed and this will be our new home. You can all stay at the big house until we can build new homes and start our new world here. Now let us go inside the house, my staff will help all of you to get settled and tomorrow we will start building our new world.”

Everyone walked inside the house, and settled down for the night, wondering what had happened.

Did River and Yurania Ylang survive? Is this the end of the world on the other side of the cave? You shall find out when RIVER part III, continues.





RIVER PART II-Chapter 16-The Wedding part I

Posted by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos on December 28, 2012 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (1)


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 16

The Wedding part-I

Everyone continued to look for the children, and could not find them. Finally everyone went back to the house.

“Where could those children be?” Andric said. “Who could have taken them and why?”

“My baby, where is my baby?” Cachita cried. “This cannot be happening, Pamela where could our babies be? Rosina was near the tree moments before Santa Claus left, maybe she hid in Santa’s sleigh and he doesn’t know.”

“You are forgetting one thing.” Yamarah said. “It can’t be, Santa Claus would have found her by now and let us know. Furthermore Baby Paulie Tanner cannot walk.”

“Let’s go look again.” Drone said, “Maybe the kidnapper is hiding and waiting for us to stop looking so he can get out of the property with the children.”

The men went back outside to look around again. They searched the stables, the garages, the orchards, around the trees, the garden, around the pond, around the pool area, and inside the house. They even looked outside the property, but no one could be found.

“Strange that I have not seen Brutus.” Drone said. ‘I looked around and couldn’t see him either.”

The men walked back inside and when Pamela and Cachita did not see them with the children they began to cry. Jon put his arms around Pamela and said. “ Don’t give up hope my dear, we will find them.”

Paulie hugged Cachita and said. “Jon is right we will find our children.”

“Why is Mommy and Auntie Cachita crying.” Rosina said.

Everyone turned around and saw Rosina standing in front of the living room door.

Jon ran to hug his little girl, picked her up and asked. “Rosina, where have you been? We have been looking for your for hours.”

Pamela ran to hug her little girl. “Mommy why are you crying?” Rosina asked. “I was outside with the baby in the little crib.”

“Is it the Baby Jesus in the crib?” Drone asked.

“ No. it’s the real baby.“ Rosina replied. “I put my baby doll in one of the little crib that was in the room while Santa was here, then took the real baby to the little box outside and put the baby Jesus doll on the hay. I put the blanket over the real baby and he fell asleep. Brutus is taking care of him right now.”

Everyone ran to the Christmas manger and Paulie Tanner was sleeping peacefully in the Nativity crib. Brutus was laying beside the crib, protecting the baby. It was a beautiful sight to be seen.

Cachita was overwhelmed and glad to see that her baby was safe, and gently picked him up and hugged him. “I thank God the my baby is safe.” Cachita said.

Everyone went back inside the house and Drone said. “I was wondering about Brutus. I knew that Brutus would let no stranger in the house.”

“How and why did you carry the baby outside?” Pamela asked.

“The baby doll is heavier than the real baby.” Rosina said. “I wanted to see how a real baby would look in the little crib. I took the baby Jesus doll put it on the hay under the crib and put the real baby in his place. Then I sat down to watch him and fell asleep on Brutus. When I woke up, I saw the baby still sleeping and didn’t want to wake him up so I told Brutus to watch him, and came here. I was going to go back to get him.’

“Don’t you ever do that again young lady.” Jon said. “We were scared and went out looking for you, we thought someone had taken you and the baby away. Do not ever go out by yourself or pick up the babies.”

“I’m sorry Daddy.” Rosina cried. “ I didn’t mean to scare you. I won’t do it again. Can I still play with my baby doll?”

“Yes you can play with your baby doll.” Jon said. “I’m so sorry Paulie and Cachita, we have had such a scaring ordeal.”

“Don’t worry Jon.” Cachita said. “Our children are safe and that’s the important thing. Rosina didn’t mean to scare us, she’s a baby herself.”

“Let us all continue to celebrate. Yamarah said. “This has been a Christmas Miracle. There are a lot of gifts under the Christmas tree to be unwrapped.

The gifts were unwrapped, everyone celebrated then went home to prepare for the Christmas wedding.

The following day Yurania Ylang got up excited, knowing that this was her wedding day.. Yurania Ylang’s mother helped her daughter get dressed, something borrowed was the wedding dress that Yurania Ylang’s mother had saved for her first daughter’s wedding. The gown was simple but elegant, it was made of white organza, it had red delicate sequins embroidered around the strapless top, on the front bodice, and around the bottom edge of the skirt. On top of her head, Yurania Ylang wore a tiara with red and white diamond crystal jewels, draped with a white floral appliqué and sequin embroidered, tulle cathedral veil.

There was a knock on the door. “Come in.” Yurania Ylang said.

It was Yamarah. “You look beautiful.” Yamarah said. “I came to bring you something old.” Yamarah had a blue jewel box in her hand, opened it , and took out a necklace and a pair of earring that matched Yurania Ylang’s dress. “I have had these in my possession since my wedding.” Yamarah said. “I did not put them on because Drone had bought me a set he wanted me to wear. I saved them for my future daughter-in-law, to wear at her wedding. I also bought you a small present, here open it!”

Yurania Ylang opened the small box and in it was a beautiful white silk handkerchief with lace around it.. “It’s beautiful, thank you.” Yurania Ylang said. “OK. I have something old, something new, something borrowed, and my blue garter is something blue.

The bouquet is a Silk Bridal Cascade Bouquet with two big white poinsettias, two big red poinsettias, two small white and two small red poinsettias, they are accented by green hydrangea, golden leaves, pine boughs with mini-pinecones, and a delicate beaded garland . Fluffy loops of red satin ribbon accent the bouquet and adorn the white satin hand-wrapped stems.

The bridesmaids were waiting downstairs in the living room, wearing long red chiffon dresses with a white sash around the waist and a big bow on the back. A White and red glittered poinsettia adorned the side of their heads. The bridesmaids carried two Red and white poinsettias adorned with a silk red ribbon, and mini-pinecones delicately cascading down. Cachita the Matron of honor. wore a long Red chiffon dress with white pearls embedded around the V-neckline and down the front on each side. A red glittered poinsettia adorned the side of Cachita’s head, as she carried a bouquet made of four red and white poinsettias adorned with a silk white ribbons, small mini-pinecones, and rhinestones. Rosina the flower girl carries a delicate white basket adorned with red silk ribbons and Christmas flowers. Dark red rose petals are in the basket. Rosina wore a Soft red fabric lined in plush red satin bodice, a layered chiffon skirt also lined in satin, a red ribbon around the waist, and red fluffy feathers adorned her head.

The bridegrooms wore a black tuxedo with a red sash on their waist and a small red poinsettia boutonniere. The best man Paulie, wore a black tuxedo with a white sash, and a white poinsettia boutonniere.

River was waiting for his bride at the cathedral, he wore a white tuxedo with a red sash and a red and white poinsettia boutonniere. Paulie was accompanying River.

“My dear friend, today you finally marry the love of your life.” Paulie said.

“Yes my dear friend.” River said. “The beginning of a new life for me. I must admit that I am a bit nervous, but never the less happy.”

The doors to the cathedral opened, the guests and families were escorted to their seats. and the wedding procession began. Jon and Yamarah escorted River to the altar, then sat down to accompany their spouses Pamela and Drone, the bridesmaids followed accompanied by their bridegrooms, following were, the Matron of Honor Cachita, the ring bearer, and the flower girl Rosina who was enjoying throwing the flower buds. The Bridal wedding march began, and everyone stood up. The bride, Yurania Ylang began walking, accompanied by her, mother and father. Yurania Ylang was overwhelmed and felt as if she was walking on air.

Finally reaching the altar, River approached his bride to be. Yurania Ylang’s father moved the veil away from the bride’s face, kissed her on her forehead, handed her to the groom, then sat down together with his wife. River and Yurania Ylang walked toward the priest and kneeled down on the kneeler in front of the priest to honor God. The priest then commenced the ceremony. Yamarah was very proud of her son, she was glad that after all that River had gone through, he finally found happiness.

Stay tuned for Chapter 17 for the conclusion of River and Yurania Ylang’s wedding.





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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 15

Santa Clause arrives

Cachita and Paulie finally decided to name their twins, Paulie Tanner and Andrica Deidre. Everyone was happy with the names.

Christmas was approaching and so was River and Ylang’s wedding. The big house was beautifully decorated. There was a giant Christmas tree in the front with a big replica of the Manger where Jesus was born, inside were statues of the Holy Family and the three kings. The animal figures were placed near the manger and a big Star adorned the top of the manger. Christmas light were blinking around the house and property. There was a sleigh with Santa and the reindeers, Frosty the snowman, and the frozen pond with skaters and Carolers. Christmas Eve everyone got together at the big house for the wedding rehearsal then the Pre-Wedding dinner.

Jon and Pamela’s daughter Rosina is 2 years old and is a big girl who enjoys walking around the house. Cachita did not want to leave the twins upstairs and asked the Nanny to take the babies to the study where they could be near her. One of the butlers carried the bassinets to the study, the Nanny put the babies in them, and sat down to watch them.

The bride and groom to-be, the bridal party, the parents and the minister went into the ballroom in the house, and practiced the ceremony. Rosina is the flower girl, and loves throwing flowers on the floor. River and Yurania Ylang have their wedding vows ready, but want to wait for the real ceremony. The Wedding ceremony will take place at the Cathedral in the City. The reception is going to be in the ball room at the big house. After the rehearsal everyone returned to the house. Dinner was served, everyone sat down and enjoyed themselves.

“Tomorrow my son will be a married man.” Yamarah said. “Years ago, I would have never imagined that my little blind boy would regain his eyesight and become a Doctor. I am very proud of you River. I am glad that you found your soul mate and a wonderful woman. Yurania Ylang, I welcome you and your family to our family. Thank you, everyone that has contributed to this wonderful night. I want to especially thank you, my wonderful husband Drone for saving my son’s life in the mountains, helping my son get his eyesight back, getting his education, and everything that you have done for us. I also want to thank Ian for risking his life and leaving his family to rescue us. Let us lift up our cups and make a toast to family love.”

“ Everyone lifted their cups and said. “Salud hear, hear!”

Drone then got up and said. “I too will toast to the most amazing woman that I have ever known, my wife Yamarah. I fell in love with her the first time that I saw her, waited patiently until the day that I proposed to her and she accepted. Everything that I have done is for love, for I love River like he was my biological son, and I thank Ian for sharing his son with me. I salute you Yamarah my beautiful wife.”

Again everyone lifted their cups and said. “Hear, hear! “

“Now let us go to the living room and continue celebrating.” Drone continued saying. “Tonight is also Christmas Eve, and I want to give out the presents before the bride and bridegroom-to-be leave tomorrow to their honeymoon.”

Everyone went to the living room and began to sing Christmas Carols, drank Eggnog, and apple cider. Everyone was having wonderful time, the clock started to chime it was midnight. Sleigh bells started to ring outside, and they all ran outside. It was snowing, and there was an empty sleigh with Rudolph and the other reindeers. Santa Claus went down the chimney and was in the living room shouting “HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas. Where are the children? I heard that there were children here this year.” Rosina had seen Santa Claus get out of the chimney and said. “Are you really Santa Claus?”

“Yes little one, and I have a present for you.” Santa said giving Rosina a big gift


Rosina unwrapped the gift, opened the box and it was a big baby doll. “Mommy, Daddy look.” Rosina said with a big smile. “I have a big baby.”

“That baby is as big as the twins. Ha, ha, ha..’ Jon said. “ Do you think that you can carry it?”

“Oh yes I can.” Rosina answered. “I can even give her the bottle.”

“Here are gifts for the twins.” Santa said. “I have to go now. But I am using the door this time.” Santa walked outside, got on the sleigh waved good-by and shouted. “HO! HO! HO!” Merry Christmas.”

Cachita and Paaulie went to the study to get the twins, Cachita picked up Andrica, but when Paulie went to pick up Paulie Tanner, he was not in the bassinette.

“Maybe the Nanny has him.” Cachita said.

The Nanny had ran out to see Santa Claus, and when she returned to the study Paulie did not see the baby in her arms and asked, “Where is my son?”

The Nanny was surprised, and replied. “I left him in the bassinette. I went out for a moment to watch Santa Claus. I thought that he would be safe here.”

“Where is my baby?” Cachita asked.

“Let’s not panic!” Paulie said. “Maybe the baby was crying and one of the adults took him.”

Paulie and Cachita walked out to the living room. “Did any of you take our son out of his bassinette?” Paulie asked. “We did not find him there.”

Everyone looked at each other , bewildered. “Where can the child be?” Andric asked. “Let’s look at the upstairs rooms.”

“My baby has been kidnapped!” Cachita cried. “Who would want to kidnap my baby?’

“Call the police!” Yurania Ylang said.

“Let’s not panic.” Drone said. “The kidnapper could not have gone far, Brutus is in the area. I brought Brutus with me so he too could enjoy the festivities. I am sure Brutus would not let strangers come into the property. I will have the staff look around the house, we can all spread outside and look around. The women stay here until we come back.”

“My baby, who kidnapped my baby?” Cachita cried.

Pamela looked around and did not see Rosina. “Jon is Rosina with you?” Pamela asked.

“No she is not.” Jon replied. “She must be around the house playing with her doll. Let me go find her.”

Jon went to look for Rosina, but could not find her. Pamela began to worry., and cried. “Oh my God! Where is my little girl. Has anyone seen Rosina?

Jon began to call Rosina and told everyone else that she too had disappeared. One of the maids walked into the room, she was carrying Rosina’s Baby doll, and scared said “I found this on the baby boy’s bassinette.”

“My little girl too has been kidnapped.” Cried Pamela frantically. “What is going on? It’s Christmas, why would anyone kidnap our children.”

Everyone except Cachita, who held her baby girl in her arms, Pamela’s mother and Paulie’s mother went to search for the missing children. The police were called, no one could find the children.

“Don’t worry they will be found.” Yurania Ylang said. “I too am going to look for them.” Yurania Ylang walked outside to look for the children.

“What if someone took them away?” Cachita cried. “I am so scared that I will never see my baby boy again.”

“Cachita don’t talk like that.” Pamela said. “I can’t bear to lose my little girl. Oh Mother where are they?”

Pamela’s mother hugged her daughter and said. “Don’t worry my daughter the children will be found, have faith.”

Emma Hugged Cachita and said. “Jon and the men will find them, don’t give up hope.”

Drone couldn’t understand how the children disappeared. “I know that Brutus would not let strangers get in the property.” Drone said. “Where can they be and who would kidnap them unless it is someone we know, but who and why?”

The police arrived and Paulie gave them the information. “Do you have pictures of the little girl and the infant?” One of the officers asked. “ I hate to say this, but in order for us look for them, they have to be missing for 24 hours.”

“What?’ Cachita and Pamela both screamed.

“I’m sorry ladies, I know it sound and is cruel, but it’s the law.”

“It’s alright officer I understand the dumb law.” Drone said. “I have my men and my own search party. We will find them and the kidnapper.”

The officers reluctantly left. “Let’s continue to look for the Children.” Drone said.

What happened to the children, were they kidnapped? Will this be a sad Christmas? Will there be a wedding? Stay tune for Chapter 16.