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My name is Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos, I am an Author, free lance writer, and I also write poems. I was born in Puerto Rico, January 27, 1942. when I was five years old, my grandmother took me to New York City. I grew up in Spanish Harlem, graduated from Central commercial High School in Manhattan, was married in 1961,and  gave birth to five children. After my first child was born, I worked as a para-professional in P. S. 139 in the Bronx assisting the psychiatrist and counseling troubled children.

In 1977, I bought a house and moved to Suffolk County, in Long Island, NY. I then was a certified Outreach Sex education and Birth Control Counselor, I also assisted the doctors in performing Pap tests. A year later I obtained my Real Estate License and began to sell Real Estate. I then went to Arthur Goldberg School of Real Estate and worked in Real Estate for 16 years. I  always had a passion for writing and took a course at the LongRidge School of Children's Literature. I enjoyed writing Fairy tales and telling children's stories. I had to put my writing on hold to be a mother first.

 In 1982,I had to move back to New York City and in 1984 my first husband died. Struggling and surviving I raised my 5 kids , they all got married and had their own children. I moved to Florida, and after living in New York City for 16 years I decided to marry my now Husband Marco. Now free to pursue my dream, I decided to take a refresher course in writing at The Longridge Writers Group. I got my diploma and wrote my first book. "Ruth Minerva." It has been traditionally published by Publish America. I am rewriting all  of my children's Stories, I want to leave a legacy for my children, grandchildren and Great-grandchildren, whom I adore and am proud of.

Writing is my love and a way of reaching out to people who have lived the same or similar life that Ruth Minerva lived. I want them to know that they are not alone and with Faith, Will-power, and determination your dream can be achieved.

December 2010 my second book"Jadyn and Rojo the Red Alligator " was published and released. I am now writing a novel. I hope to get that published also.



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